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Learning About The Advantages And Disadvantages Of SMS Marketing

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Aug 13, 2014
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One method of marketing which is currently becoming popular is the SMS marketing strategy which affords any business owner easy communication between himself and the whole of his customer base. One major reason why it is increasingly becoming popular is because of its relative ease and cost effectiveness.

Short Message Service popularly known as SMS is a mobile service which enables people to send messages of about 160 characters in length to a large number of customers. It is extremely efficient and fast; with a high probability of reaching each and every customer on the sending list so long as their phones are within network coverage.

As this method of advertisement continues to grow, it is extremely important that you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages accompanying it and a few but important ones will be discussed in this article.

Here are some advantages:

Economy: It is extremely economic to use the SMS advisement strategy in the sense that you wouldn’t pay up to one-fiftieth of the amount spent on televisions, radio and some website advertisement campaigns. Even though it is extremely cheap, you are sure of reaching all your customers by including their contacts in a single message before sending it. There is the bulk SMS option offered by many sites today that enable text messages to be sent at extremely cheap prices simply by registering on the site and familiarizing yourself with the user interface.

Communication made easy: Communication involves the exchange of words or texts amongst one another directly or with the help of an electronic device such as phones, PDAs, Computers, Tablets, etc. With these devices, it is possible to send and receive messages instantly unlike emails even though a distance (whether long or short) between the sender and the recipient exists.

Saves time: Rather than meeting physically with people to discuss any issue, you can easily call or send texts which they’ll definitely receive immediately and provide you with an instant reply. It’s almost the same as setting up a private meeting where you’ll be speaking to each other face to face however; the only difference is that setting up an emotional tune with SMS is difficult but not impossible.

The above three are the major advantages of SMS marketing however where advantages lie, disadvantages would also be present so consider the few below.

Spam: This is when a single message is sent repeatedly to recipient phones to the extent when it becomes irritating. It really does more harm than good to your advertising campaign so it is advised to send just one and make its content compelling enough. If you’ll have to send another, then let it build on the previous one sent.

Limitations: A serious limitation in Mobile SMS Marketing is the length which is restricted to 160 characters per page in most cases and it is usually not ideal to send more than one page so the onus is on you to make it brief yet compelling.

Conclusively: even though SMS marketing strategy has a few disadvantages, it is possible to work your way round those disadvantages and make the advantages count.

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Author: Robert Smith
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