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3 Things That Prove Why Your Skin Just Loves Neem Oil

Author: Amrina Alshaikh
by Amrina Alshaikh
Posted: Apr 14, 2020

Medicinal plants have always played a vital role in regulating and intercepting diseases of different kinds. Neem (Azadirachta Indica) works as an indispensable factor in solving problems of human health. Due to the existence of synthetic ingredients in ‘Neem,’ it is represented as a medicinal plant. The etymological meaning of Neem is arista i.e. eternal or impeccable.

The reasons for which Neem oil for skin are important can be gleaned below:

Neem Oil originates out of the kernel of neem plants. Despite its strong smell, it bears certain attributes due to which it is very effective for the skin. A few of these elements are the following:

Fatty acids (EFA)-Limonoids-Vitamin E-Antioxidants-Calcium

These elements play a significant role in the enhancement of skin radiance.

In 2014, it has been established that if any gel contains extracts of Neem then it can lower the harmful effects of any kind of emission treatments. It was performed on 28 individuals who were suffering from the head as well as neck carcinoma/malignancy. And the results turned out to be positive due to the presence of Neem.

In 2019, detailed research tested some antifungal elements in cosmetic commodities constituting Neem. Those researchers exposed that in beauty products containing extracts of moisturizer, Neem plays an important role in the prevention of different sorts of germs and infections.

It plays a significant role in safeguarding the skin from Ultra Violet radiance and air contamination. The existence of Vitamin C, Oleic acids (Omega 9) in Neem Oil for skin helps in healing and nurturing the resilience of the skin. It also helps in the reduction of skin furrows, which in turn revitalizes the skin, making it fresh.

Neem is also considered as a source for several kinds of creams and lotions because it contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Oleic acids which nourish the skin, thereby making it fairer & beautiful.

Because of these factors we see that in Hamam soaps, there are traces of Neem Oil. Another reason the skin loves ‘Neem Oil’ is it protects the skin from any kind of staleness because in 2017 a research was conducted by a group of researchers on some mice. The mice were first exposed to UV B emissions. After the completion of this process, Neem oil was used on the skin of all the mice and it was discovered that it worked very efficiently in treating skin staleness. Hamam makes use of 100% Neem Oil for skin and you should check out the same without further ado.

Neem oil protects people from all kinds of skin swelling and after the application of Neem Oil, the formation of histamine & other sources of irritation immediately stops, resulting in the stoppage of any kind of inflammation. If used properly, it nourishes the skin by evicting germs that lie underneath the surface of skin, thereby curing flaws and acne alike.

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