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Technologies That Are Helping in Providing the Best Dermatology Treatments

Author: Mayra Singh
by Mayra Singh
Posted: Apr 18, 2020

The world we live in today is a world of technology. Day by day, these technologies are advancing and providing new and improved solutions for all our problems. In the field of dermatology, technology has proven to be quite beneficial. And now, with different modern technologies, we have new different ways of providing the best possible treatments. Let's look at some technologies that are changing the ways that we were used to following in the past.

Different Technologies That Are Helping
  • 1. Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records and EMR are short is a revolutionary technology that has been helping not only dermatology but other medical branches as well. The EMR is a cloud-type platform that offers space where you can submit, store, and share data. As the name suggests, this data is related to the medical records and history of the patients. Recording the data in a cloud platform helps you to share it with others quite easily. It also helps the doctors to excess your previous medical history to provide the best possible treatment at the right time. This technology has been proven to be very helpful, and dermatologists from all over the world have been using it.

  • 2. Teledermatology
Another technology that has been proven quite beneficial in providing the best treatment to the people in need is teledermatology. To put it, teledermatology is a type of telecommunication service that offers a platform to the people and dermatologists to connect with each globally. Teledermatology is a mode of communication that helps you to get connected with the dermatology through audio, video, or data communication. It helps to share information and get a consultation, anytime and from anywhere. One of the most beneficial uses of this technology is to get in contact with people without actually going to them. It helped in providing treatment to remote locations and regions where it is difficult to go. This technology has made it easy to consult with the dermatologist without meeting them face to face.
  • 3. Artificial Intelligence
From the very beginning, Artificial Intelligence or commonly known as AI technology has been proven to be very beneficial for the type of medical and technology fields. In dermatology, due to versatile usage, artificial intelligence is becoming a mainstream decision support tool. Artificial intelligence has been proven to be quite helpful in the dermatology diagnostic procedures that help in determining and identifying the disease and its cause. This technology helps in making clinical decisions by analyzing patient medical history and current diagnostics. The decision-making process used in this technology uses intelligent algorithms and refines searches based on content-based image retrieval or CBIR methods. The CBIR is a process that uses a derm engine that helps in analyzing large scale images.
  • 4. Laser Technology
Another technology that has been proven beneficial for dermatology and dermatology treatments is laser technology. Simply put, a laser is a device that uses charged particles to create a photon beam that can be used for various purposes. For dermatology treatment, 2 types of lasers are ablative and non-ablative laser. Ablative lasers are used for surgical treatments like laser scar removal, ear keloid treatment, and other surgical treatments. While non-ablative lasers are used for minimal invasion processes like laser skin treatment, wrinkle reduction laser treatment, and others.


Technology is advancing and changing the world as we know it, and nothing can remain untouched by it. For dermatology, this new technology has opened new doors of possibilities. Now we have treatments for diseases that where once believed to be untreatable and means of communications that are helping in conveying this technology. The evolution of technology is a never-ending process, and it will continue to change the world.

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Hello there, I am Mayra Singh and I am a content writer from India. I like to read and write about dermatology and different treatment, conditions and technology related with it.

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