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Car Loans and Auto Financing in Miami, FL

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Posted: Apr 18, 2020

If your credit has been damaged by identity fraud, divorce, extended illness, or other credit catastrophe, has got an auto loan for you! You heard right, we will finance shoppers from Miami, FL with bad credit! Our expert used vehicle finance staff has assisted Miami, FL drivers looking for high risk and sub-prime vehicle loans for many years. Even if you have been turned down by another dealership or finance company, you shouldn’t lose hope. is located in Miami, FL and we serve Miami shoppers with easy-to-pay, no-hassle bad car credit loans. makes a Big Difference for Bad Credit Shoppers in Miami, FL

Here at, we provide excellent sub-prime, high risk, and credit reestablishment financing for Miami, FL drivers who cannot get financed through conventional sources due to past or current credit problems. We’ll help you get away from your bad credit with an non-threatening bad credit auto loan.

The credit specialists can provide excellent sub-prime auto financing that will make it easy for bad credit shoppers from Miami, FL to get approved for a vehicle loan. Our dealership has strong ties with a large number of reputable lenders in Florida who can provide our customers with competitive interest rates and loan terms and great sub-prime financing options. Even if your payment history is shoddy, you can find financing with

If you’ve been hit with financial troubled after a recent divorce, identity theft, or overdue bills from an extended hospital stay, is here to help you. No credit, bad credit, poor credit, fair credit, good credit, it makes no difference to! If you don’t have cash for a down payment we can set you up with a number of options that suit your situation. will assist Miami, FL shoppers with current delinquencies on their record, multiple bankruptcies, long histories of writing bad checks, multiple repossessions, or even a repossession within the last year.

Frequently Asked Questions for Miami Car Credit Approval

Get approved for financing or shop for a car; which should I do first?

Miami, FL shoppers with bad credit should consult the finance advisors before shopping for their next vehicle. Our staff can determine the amount of money you can borrow and help you find a car that fits your loan budget. Less inquiries means a highest credit score in the long run.

Are there any minimum qualifications for credit approval?

While there are no hard-set minimum qualifications for approval, your personal credit situation will play a role in your credit decision. will evaluate your future vehicle loan based on your personal credit history and equity position. Here’s an example, if you had good auto credit previously, you might not be held to any employment or income requirements, while someone without good standing would need to meet those requirements in order to be approved.

Are my chances for approved credit better with a cosigner?

Yes, however, you must meet any income and/or employment requirements as the Buyer and you cannot rely on your Cosigner’s income or employment status in order to get approved.

How much will loan me?

The amount of your loan depends on several different factors, which include income status, credit history, and equity of the Buyer – that’s you. uses special equations to determine how much to lend our bad credit buyers from Miami, FL.

Do I need money for a down payment?

A down payment is helpful in being able to pay your loan off quickly, and if you have a down payment, you may be approved more easily. However, Miami, FL shoppers with little or no money for a down payment can consult an advisor to find out about our special no-money-down considerations.

I have a car to trade, can I put that toward my down payment? specializes in not only selling great used cars, but buying our customers’ current vehicles to free them up for their next purchase. You can use the cash you get for your old car for your down payment, but if you owe an outstanding balance on your trade-in vehicle, you’ll have to pay that balance before getting any money back. Ask our team about how can help you pay off your current vehicle if you’re underwater on a loan.

What will my monthly payments be?

Monthly payments for your vehicle will be determined based on the vehicle’s cost, rate of interest, all applicable taxes and fees, and your credit history in general. If you’re buying a newer, less-expensive car with fewer than 50,000 miles, it’s likely your monthly payments will be lower.

What will my interest rate be?

Your interest rate is based on your credit score, personal equity, credit history, and the cost of the car you’re buying plus taxes, fees, and licensing. will work to secure you the best possible interest rates in Miami, FL for your personal credit situation. If you have good credit (credit score above 620) and a large down payment available, you can usually get a lower rate. Newer vehicles also come with lower interest rates. As cars age, their base interest rates will go up about one point every year.

Can I be approved if I have filed for bankruptcy in the past or am currently filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

If you’ve filed for bankruptcy previously, you must have that bankruptcy discharged OR obtain an Authorization to Incur Debt from your bankruptcy trustee before getting a loan. You can still be approved if you’re currently filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, but it may take 2-3 weeks longer and an Authorization to Incur Debt must be obtained before approval is possible.

I’ve never bought a car before and have no credit, what can you do for me? offers several First-Time Buyer programs for Miami shoppers purchasing a car for the first time.

If my car (or other property) was repossessed last year, can I still get a bad credit auto loan?

Yes, but only if your repossession was outside of a bankruptcy and there is still an existing balance on the account. For shoppers with recent repossessions on their record, vehicle selection will be limited to newer vehicles under factory warranty and you may need a larger down payment.

Auto Loans in Miami, FL at

At, we strive to help Miami, FL’s hopeful car-owners-to-be get the vehicle they need and reestablish their care credit at the same time. Depending on the amount of money and type of loan you’re approved to borrow,’s finance advisors will find you the perfect used vehicle for your personal finance situation.

Miami, FL buyers looking to combat fluctuating interest rates should inquire about a fixed-rate auto loan from You may have an opportunity to save some cash over the course of your loan with a variable-rate line of credit; ask our specialists if this type of loan is available to you. The finance team will help you determine what kind of car loan is right for your personal credit standing.

Some buyers, even those with bad credit, may benefit from a dealership auto loan funded directly through Usually, car dealerships can obtain a lower interest rate (at least a point or two) because a lender is looking to earn a dealership’s business. Ask your finance advisor about a dealer auto loan and if you can apply for one.

Pre-Qualifying for an Auto Loan in Miami, Florida with

For a super-easy, no-hassle car loan experience, recommends getting pre-approved for financing before you start shopping. Pre-qualifying for a vehicle loan means that you’ll have the same negotiating power as a cash buyer and your your financing needs will already be is here to help you with your auto financing questions and provide you with a quick online loan quote. We can help you get pre-qualified for a loan in Miami, FL and make your vehicle purchasing experience quick and easy!

Car shoppers with bad credit who need an auto loan should ask the finance specialists about a second chance loan. Another name for a bad credit auto loan, a second chance miami car credit l can be either a bank-financed or dealer-financed line of credit.

Bank-financed loans, or indirect loans, are lines of credit in which the buyer makes monthly payments to the bank or other financial company holding the lien. Most indirect loans will be offered for late-model vehicles with low mileage, or even new cars, since buyers are more likely to make prompt monthly payments for newer, more reliable cars.

A dealer-financed or direct loan is a line of credit in which you make your monthly loan payments directly to the dealership you bought your car from. You may have also heard this type of financing called a loan. Generally, these second chance loans are given to people purchasing an early model vehicle with high mileage on the odometer. The vehicle dealership will not usually report your payment history to credit companies, however, will. dealerships ask for a relatively high down payment in relation to the car’s value in order to guarantee financing for the vehicle.

To help you decide which type of financing is right for you, remember these tips and be prepared before you buy:

  • Know your credit score and the information in your credit profile
  • Buying a car with a second chance loan is different than buying a car with a traditional loan, your income and current debts will be perused by your lender and you will be budgeted for a monthly payment
  • Research insurance prices on comparable cars in the price-range you’re approved for, insurance rates can differ greatly between various makes and models.
  • If you’re buying a used car or truck, have it inspected by an ASE certified mechanic before buying
  • Financing is Possible for Miami, FL Shoppers at
  • Used car shoppers looking for bad credit loans in Miami, FL should make their first – and only – stop. No matter if your credit is poor, damaged, or just plain bad, you can still be approved for auto financing with a high risk or bad credit loan. Bad credit or sub-prime vehicle loans are available to you via and its lending partners. Get your credit needs approved and get into the car you need today!Bad credit doesn’t have to haunt you the rest of your life, and can help you turn your situation around. Ask for a copy of your credit report (can get one free report from each credit bureau every year) and read through it completely. Knowing what’s going on with your credit is the beginning step to fixing it; you may be able to clear off bad debts and immediately raise your score.Various financial issues affect your credit standing; bankruptcies, late payments, outstanding debts, delinquencies on existing payments, the age of your eldest credit account, the types of credit accounts on your record, and how many new inquiries are made into your credit (or, how often you’ve been applying for credit cards or loans). Lenders will look at all of these items when determining if they will approve your financing. If one or two of these items appears on your report, you still have a very good chance of getting your bad credit loan approved, even with zero down! However, if your credit history reports numerous damaging items, you might require a sizeable down payment to be approved for bad credit financing.It takes time to rebuild your highest credit score possible, but it can be done, and is here to assist you. Follow these tips and you’ll get yourself on the fast track to a higher credit score in the future:Make all monthly payments for loans and credit cards on time Keep balances on your credit card low, but try not to pay them off entirely, a zero balance may hinder you Cancel any credit cards you no longer need or use Don’t apply for in-store credit cards to limit inquiries on your reportIn general, bad credit auto loans are approved for most buyers. A bad credit loan is an opportunity to rebuild your credit and get a fresh start, not just an opportunity to buy a car.
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