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What Should You Look for in an Online Transcription Service?

Author: Scott Jack
by Scott Jack
Posted: Apr 19, 2020
internet marketers

Transcription services that turn audio into print are becoming very popular with Internet marketers who package their information in different formats to serve their customers' various learning styles.

Here's what to look for when choosing a service to hire:

Accuracy - In this age where terminology expands every day, it is important to work with professionals who have been trained in the vocabulary of your industry. For Internet marketers, transcribers should use a reliable style sheet with current vocabulary, trend terms, and names of well-known Internet marketers.

Proofread - The transcript should also be proofread by a second pair of trained eyes to ensure accuracy. Although this requires extra time, it will prevent mistakes.

Excellent grammar/spelling - A service that transcribes audios for clients absolutely must focus on hiring typists who have excellent grammar and spelling skills. Many professionals don't know what they don't know. They may think they handle the English language excellently until someone points out their errors. Therefore, transcribers should be tested before being hired. If you are considering a transcriber who works alone, ask to see a sample of her work.

Timely - It is not uncommon in the transcription world for a one-hour audio to take a week to be returned. There is no excuse for slow service in an age when an email can be received in Tokyo five seconds after it's been sent from Toronto. One day turnaround is possible.

Pricing - The cost of the transcription is usually the first factor shoppers consider when selecting a new service. Choosing the cheapest vendor on the block may come back to haunt you if you have to pay to have their work redone. A quality transcript can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars so invest well in creating your foundational material.

Overall features - However, paying a high price doesn't guarantee you'll receive the quality you desire. The combined features of the company and the products they create for you are most important.

Guarantee - When a service stands behind their work and offers you a guarantee that you'll be happy, you know they know what they are doing.

Pleasant - In the world of business, search diligently for contractors who are happy and pleasant. If the transcribers you are considering are still working on developing that positive mental attitude, consider looking for someone else.

Reference - When all else fails, ask your friends who they have worked with in the past who has provided quality work with a reasonable turn-around time. Word of mouth is always the best advertising!

These are the main features to look for when selecting an online transcription services.

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