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Switched Rack PDU

Author: Sid Kumar
by Sid Kumar
Posted: Apr 20, 2020

Specifically, the remote managed PDUs are known as the Switched Rack PDU. These are mainly industrial grade power strips with the network as well as serial connection ports.

With the help of these particular communication ports, the users are preferably capable of monitoring power draw along with environmental conditions.

Not only that, it helps to control the outlets and also receiving alert notifications in case the thresholds that are user-defined for humidity, but temperature or amperage are also breached.

Important Features Of Switched PDU

There are some other important features of PDU which are mainly sequencing of the programmable power-up.

As a result, the supervisor can explain the delays amid the outlets which specifically allows the connection of the network equipment before the initiation of the start-up process in other equipment.

It again involves outlets grouping for solitary command control of the equipment with the availability of several power supplies. In this case, while practicing the power redundancy, the specific users may be able to control multiple circuits and that too from a distinct interface.

Other Information Regarding The Switched Rack PDUs

  • These were intended as well as used by most of the big data centers as an important means for the unresponsive servers reboot. But, it does not involve sending techs into the racks.

  • With the arise of co-location facilities, it becomes very popular. As a result, the offsite network manager is provided more control of their specific equipment.

In real-time, both the environmental conditions as well as power consumption could be effectively monitored by the offsite teams. The quality of life is also improved with the help of this. Also, it could be specifically controlled from their home computer or laptop.

  • This Switched PDUs is again adopted by university campuses, school districts along with some other decentralized networks. It again preferably allows a single operation so that they can manage and also service the overall network from a single location.

This is possible with servers, smaller network configurations as well as other equipment which is spread through most of the locations.

  • Also, the service techs were no longer dispatched for rebooting of the equipment. Simple rebooting of the device helps in resolving of about 80% of the equipment errors.

These switched PDUs also considerably helps in saving effort, time and money by providing a single operator the specific capability to complete the task.

  • Diverse industries are also considering to look for new applications specifically for this sort of remote power management on a day to day basis. These Switched PDUs are mainly used by the broadcasting companies for reducing the time off-air and also for their remote transmission sites.

Many of the airlines also use them for resetting their self-check-in terminals. The retailers also specifically find these much beneficial.

  • Nowadays, a lot of industries tend to discover completely different ways to remain competitive. So, they are making use of completely new technologies like Switched Rack PDUs.

Final Words

Therefore, Enlogic is one of the best options to consider in case you are looking for the best quality of the Switched Rack PDU.

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