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Why it is Worthy of Wearing Natural Looking False Eyelashes?

Author: Willie Baldwin
by Willie Baldwin
Posted: Apr 20, 2020

Many people are confused about false eyelashes and they feel that the falsies can be a little annoying in the beginning. No doubt, they are tricky to put on when using for the first time and portrays a dramatic look, as you have not worn before. Moreover getting up in the morning with these eyelashes stuck to your pillow feels awkward. However, with time, these natural-looking false eyelashes are very amazing. No more they will clump, stick or smear together, becomes very easy in removing, and provide instant gorgeous, lush lashes. Stay until the end to know some exciting reasons why you should include these lashes into your regular makeup kit.

Great cosmetic application to use during events where you get emotional like weddings, sad movies, or even having PMS ( premenstrual syndrome) and are available in various materials

Feeling very emotional? No problems as false lashes are there to rescue you from such situations. These falsies are quite handy to have tear-proof makeup rather than having mascara and eyeliner running down your eyes when you are at a big gathering and these eyelashes will not leave dark streaks down your face. Many beauticians give thumbs up to the falsies as they help in enhancing your eyes without doing a lot of makeup. Mascara only lengthen and darken the eyelashes but the false ones multiply the eyelashes that you have.

Not all lashes are the same and depending on your budget and your comfort level, you can choose from various options. The popular materials are mink, plastic and human hair. Mink and human hair are mostly preferred for their realistic appearance with mink being the costliest. The adhesives present in the eyelashes make sure that lashes stay throughout the day and can be pulled off easily at the end of the day. A set of mink will cost 30 dollars while a pair of human hair costs only 5 dollars.

Strengthening of natural eyelashes and using eyelash extensions with falsies

Although the natural-looking false eyelashes do not have special ingredients that help in strengthening and growing your lashes but by wearing falsies as an alternative to mascara it helps your natural ones stay healthy and strong. Mascara makes your lashes brittle and weakens them that is why wearing the false lashes will start to look healthier and thicker.

It is good to wear eyelash extensions as you can wear them for weeks, easily sleep with them, and have no problems. For enhancing your look, wear them with false eyelashes as the extensions are placed using the correct length and correct weight individually on your natural lashes. They have placed 1mm away from your skin, so there will be no contact with your skin or lids. The adhesive cannot be detected and is of medical grade. The average time the extensions last on the last is a maximum of two weeks. When your natural lash starts shedding, the extension that is placed on your lash sheds naturally, so there is no breakage or pulling.

Mademoiselle Lash offers natural-looking false eyelashes with different styles including Robin, Emma, Lavonne, Mila, Tina, Jenai, Thuy, and Mandee. The fake lashes are long lasting, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly. To know more information, visit

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