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Different Ways To Generate Leads For Travel Business

Author: Sachin Nandal
by Sachin Nandal
Posted: Apr 20, 2020

If you wish to become a master at generating new customer leads daily for travel business, here are best 10 ways to generate lead for travel agency.

1. Word Of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is still the most credible way of promoting a business. People like hearing from people and the first person that should be telling others about your business is you. Everywhere you go, everyone opportunity you get, you should be sharing your business with others. Ask friends and family members to spread the word to their friends and colleagues, letting them know that when they are ready to book a trip, they should contact you. If you want to get more leads, you are not going to do so being a "Secret Agent." Tell people about your business.

2. A Well Designed Website

Your website is your online storefront. Please note that the title said "Well Designed Website." You need a website that adequately represents what your travel business is all about, something that will make you stand out from the competition. When potential customers land on your site, they should want to do business with you.

3. Keyword Optimization

Keyword search is, without a doubt, the NUMBER ONE source of driving sales and consumer leads. Google is king when it comes to finding buyers, and you need to find out how you can capture those customers that are looking for the type of travel services that you offer. The answer to that is Keyword Optimization, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you own top rankings for the right keywords, you can pretty much stop all other means of generating travel leads.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around since the invention of emails, and it is still today one of the most efficient ways of getting customer leads for any business. To start your email marketing campaign, you fist need to start building your email list.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social Media is very useful lead generation tool for many reasons. Reason number one it’s FREE to use. You can use social media to connect with and build a following of people that are your potential clients; you can share information with these followers on a daily basis about your services. Social media is also an excellent way to build your brand and establish credibility, which translates into more leads and more customers for your travel business.

6. Classified Ads

There are many free and paid business classifieds out there that you can use to promote your business. Popular sites like Craigslist, Kijiji, Yellow pages and many others get millions of daily visitors that could be potential customers. Free classified ads are not as effective as when you pay to have your business listing at the top of the pages. Create a very catchy ad title with a lovely image and a brief overview of your business. Make sure you include a link to a contact form on your site or a phone number that interested travellers can easily reach you.

7. Blog Marketing

If you want to be seen as an expert in your niche travel market, get a lot of visitors to your website, rank highly on search engines, start blogging. The most successful websites online use blogging and article marketing as a tool to engage visitors and convert traffic into customers. Start a travel blog about the type of travel services you offer, post to your website and share to your social media pages and your weekly newsletter.

8. Youtube Video Marketing

An excellent and effective way to get your brand messaging out to customers is by starting a YouTube channel. Billions of users go to YouTube to search for videos about topics of interest, and if you are serving content in a niche travel category, those users will find you.

9. Trade Shows

Trade shows cost money, and they can be exhausting. However, there is no better way to get face-to-face and build relationships with potential clients. There are dozens of travel trade shows happening around you, and some of your potential customers are attending these exhibits. It is worth the investment to rent a booth space for the weekend and get yourself in front of thousands of potential customers at one of these tradeshows.

10. Niche Branding

I probably write about finding a niche and establishing a Niche Brand in every single one of my lead generation articles. However, I do not believe I can say it enough times. It is just that important.

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