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A brief note on cabinet and cabinet hardware

Author: Smart Web
by Smart Web
Posted: Aug 15, 2014


Cabinets are a common house hold items. They are available in different size and quality. They are even made of different materials. Some of them are made of iron, some made of wood and some are bronze made. Wooden made cabinets are the most common ones. Besides wood, which is used as the main ingredient to build a cabinet, there are other materials which are used as cabinet hardware. These items are generally made of steel and iron. They are used as screws, handles and knobs.

The history of cabinets goes back thousands of years to the ancient civilizations. Physical evidence shows that highly decorative cabinets were used right from the early days of civilization. Man has always been concerned with his belongings and has looked for a safe place to store his valuables. Cabinets undoubtedly serve this purpose and at the same time they can also be used as a decorative item. Expensive cabinets add to the decoration of your room and change the entire look of it. These items are still being used to as no alternative to cabinets have been invented as yet.

Cabinet knobs

A cabinet generally consists of many drawers. These drawers are usually attached to the interior of the cabinet. However, in the highly fashionable cabinets, drawers are also found at the exterior of it. Drawer has its own utilities, but in order to make it look attractive, it should be supplemented with something extra. Drawer knobs serve this purpose. These knobs are attached to the drawers, which helps you to pull the drawers. These knobs are made of metals like bronze and other objects like crystals. From a distance they really look quite attractive add that extra spark to the entire design of your cabinet.

There are various kinds of knobs which are available. These knobs could be simple devoid of any design while some are designed. These designer knobs are made of metals, crystals and sometimes ivory. Ivory made knobs are not available these days, however knobs made of metals and crystals are quite common. These knobs are relatively more expensive compared to ordinary knobs. Cabinet knobs and pulls are essential parts of a cabinet. You cannot imagine a cabinet without knobs or pulls. As a matter of fact, cabinet will be useless if it does not have the required number of knobs and pulls.

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