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5 Warning Signs of Early Heart Failure

Author: Tobias H. Gillot
by Tobias H. Gillot
Posted: Apr 23, 2020
heart failure

When you've reached the golden age of 50, your body starts to feel different. Suddenly physical activity takes a toll on you, and even climbing stairs feels like a daunting task. This could be from old age—or it could mean that your heart health is declining. Heart failure occurs when there is damage to the heart, and if you are concerned that your heart health is not in good shape, go see your family physician immediately. But even if you are not concerned, you should still be familiar with the 5 warning signs of early heart failure.

1. Fatigue

Fatigue can be a sign or symptom of many illnesses or diseases. What fatigue means when it comes to heart failure is that the heart isn't pumping enough oxygen-rich blood. When this occurs, the blood being pumped isn't enough to meet the body's needs and you begin to feel fatigued.

2. Activity Limitation

Activity limitation occurs when you cannot complete an activity due to shortness of breath. Activity limitations that occur when you're trying to do physically tasking activities can be due to age, but can sometimes relate to a heart condition. When you're experiencing activity limitations during daily activities, it may be time to visit your doctor.

3. Congestion

Congestion is considered a warning sign of heart failure. Congestion can occur if you've got a viral infection or a cold, but congestion resulting from fluid build-up in the lungs is a sign of heart failure. People with fluid build-up in their lungs experience coughing, wheezing, and trouble breathing.

4. Edema or Ankle Swelling

Ankle swelling or edema occurs when the heart isn't pumping enough blood to push blood into the lower extremities of your body and back up to the heart. When this occurs, fluid collects in the lower part of your body, including your abdomen and legs. This fluid build-up can happen rapidly and, in some cases, you'll see an increase in your weight.

5. Shortness of Breath

When there is a build-up of fluid in the lungs, it is harder for the body to exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen. Shortness of breath can also occur when you're lying down if there is fluid in the lungs. This is due to the fact that gravity allows fluid to travel from below the torso upwards.

If you're experiencing all of these symptoms together, go see your family doctor right away. Your family doctor may prescribe medications that will help treat any of these symptoms as well as heart failure. Medications for your blood pressure can get expensive, and if your insurance doesn't cover the cost, you have other coverage options. Try using an Entresto coupon to receive a discount on your medications. Some coupons may even lower the cost of your medication below your insurance plan prices.

Heart failure affects millions of Americans, so you are not alone. These five symptoms alone are not a diagnosis, and you'll need a doctor to confirm your condition and prescribe medication to help with the symptoms. Heart failure is a serious condition and can lead to hospitalization, so it is important to make an appointment as soon as possible and follow the orders of your physician to avoid the risk of cardiovascular death or congestive heart failure. Ask your pharmacist about any common side effects of medications you are taking and be sure to check on the Entresto coupon pricing before purchasing your medication. Try and keep your stress levels down and only do light physical activities like aquafit or tai chi. Take your medications regularly, stay active, and ensure that you're visiting your doctor regularly so you can regain control of your condition. Don't wait—make an appointment today!

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  • alistonandy  -  4 months ago

    Much of the early treatment of heart failure relates to the treatment of the symptoms of heart failure such as diuretics, once acute symptoms are under control, then longer-term strategies are considered.

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