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Countries with the Best Education System in 2020

Author: Iveda Help
by Iveda Help
Posted: Apr 24, 2020

Countries with the Best Education System in 2020

We all are part of a free world with the free will of education as one of our basic rights. Education is one of the fundamental components of an ideal life. It is a symbolic representation of awareness in all forms and often works as an important measure of development and quality of life of a country. The economic status of a country can be enumerated by its education system and proclaim it either as an underdeveloped, developing or developed country.

If you are planning on your further studies or looking for a guide to topmost international educational institutions, then read on. This blog comprises of a list of top 10 countries with the best education system in 2020 and which have been ranked based on certain parameters.

*First, let’s take a look at the country-wise education index featured in the human development report:

The report was issued in 2016 and might have slight changes ever since.

1. The United States

The United States holds the topmost position for being the most chosen international study destination. Every year more than 10,00,000 students enrol for various study programs in the US alone.

Most preferable locations have been found out to be New York, California and Texas.

The country has great career opportunities for potential candidates and its international recruitment process receives overwhelming applications. This fact alone is proof of the country’s outstanding education system. The US universities offer a huge spectrum of education programs out of which most promising has been turned out to be Engineering, Computer Science, business management and so on.

2. The United Kingdom

The UK education system has been placed among the topmost list of countries with the best education ranking. The country has a lot to offer in terms of quality of life, career opportunities, education excellence, etc.

Premier educational institutions in the UK have earned global reputation and popularity based on their top rankings. The UK has spent 4.2% of its GDP on Education alone leading to promising achievements and academic excellence.

Worldwide known public figures who have set a name for them are esteemed graduates of the University of Oxford, based in the UK.

The UK universities are known to produce elite graduates with highest employability rate. The Global University Employability Ranking featured 10 UK Universities in their list since 2017.

3. Canada

Canada is one of the ideal places for foreign education. The country has one of the most student-friendly application processes laced with student support, affordable study options and numerous post-study opportunities. Students after completion of their graduation from a Canadian University can easily apply for permanent residency. Many colleges in Canada provide work opportunities for students that enable them to earn work experience while studying. Since 2014, Canada has spent 6% of its GDP on education.

Most of the renowned Nobel prize winners have earned their degrees from Canadian Universities. 10 Nobel laureates and 7 Nobel prize winners are associated with the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia respectively. 5 Canadian Prime Ministers happen to be graduates from the University of Toronto.

4. France

France comes at 4th position after Canada for its remarkable education system. Every year, more than 1 million students get themselves registered for various programs offered at French universities. Out of these students, 20% of students are foreign applicants.

The educational programs are diverse and hold solid volume in terms of academic parameters. The universities in France offer over a 1000 technical and professional degree programs to international students.

France reflects quality in its higher education system and includes more than 3,000 public and private institutions.

5. Germany

For non-English speakers, Germany has been known to be the topmost preferable study destination. In the list of the world’s best Universities, Germany has 13 universities enlisted.

The elite college programs in Germany offers great scholarship schemes that are one of the major factors of worldwide student enrollment. Courses range from undergraduate to postgraduate courses offering over 100 subjects to opt from.

Being the origin of great discoveries and world-class innovations, Germany has earned a well-known reputation for itself.

6. Australia

The land of kangaroos is not only geographically blessed but is also home to the third-highest number of foreign students after the US and UK.

Ranked third in the higher education system ranking, Australia has one of the best-designed education systems in the world. In addition to it, 35 Australian universities have featured in the Times Higher Education’s 2018 "World University Rankings". Australian National University is credited with having 6 faculty members and alumni as Nobel prize recipients.

Australia offers a multitude of career opportunities post education which is one of the major reasons for it being the topmost priority for international applicants.

7. Switzerland

The world-renowned education system of Switzerland is widely acclaimed for its high education standards, well designed academic methodologies and student-friendly curriculum structure.

The Universities of Switzerland offer top-notch education quality and diverse career opportunities for both Swiss and international students alike. There are special programs for international students provided by both central and private institutions with a wide range of subjects with best program features. The universities in Switzerland also consists of 10 local and 2 federal institutes of technology. Switzerland’s oldest institution, the University of Bern has been in operation since 1834 and is the third biggest university in Switzerland with over 18000 enrolled students.

8. Sweden

Despite comprising of a comparatively lesser population of 10 million people, Sweden has successfully secured its position as home to one of the world’s best universities. According to the World Population Review, Sweden’s top university, the Karolinska Institute, is ranked at 40 in the world.

Sweden’s educational bodies implement long term development programs which have a progressive and innovative approach to education. The country has been credited to affiliate various radical educational concepts that are very well reflected in its education system.

There are 14 universities, 17 public colleges and multiple independent educational institutions in Sweden out of which most frequently feature in the Times Higher Education World University rankings.

9. Japan

The most technologically advanced country, Japan also reflects a high pitch of supremacy in their education system.

The University of Tokyo ranks 23rd, Kyoto university ranks 35th and Tokyo Institute of Technology holds the position of 58 in the QS World’s University Rankings, 2019. These facts alone attribute to the level of achievement japan displays in the education field.

There are 99 national universities, 66 public universities, 457 private universities in Japan with a whopping number of over 2,000,000 students enrolled in various programs. It has over 500 colleges and universities offering a four-year program.

The educational institutions with a four-year course duration come under different categories. They range from national universities which are supported by the central government, then the government-supported public universities to state-funded or private institutions.

For international students, various Japanese universities offer scholarships and financial support. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) take care of financial needs of their students coming from different parts of the world.

10. South Korea

South Korea arguably holds the reputation of being the most educated country in the world on top of being a highly advanced high-tech nation. The country has been ranked at 22nd in the Ranking of National Higher Education Systems in 2018. The Seoul National University is ranked 36th in the QS World University Rankings in 2019. The prestigious university offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses for international students as well and has been gaining on the global education charts with the ambitious aim of crossing over 10,00,000 students.

The South Korean government puts a massive emphasis on the education system which is conveyed through the highly impressive and extensive study programs. Graduates of top Korean universities dominate the elite government positions and business sectors.

The world is filled with opportunities! When you take a positive leap over your boundaries you get to learn and absorb wisdom from every possible source out there. Getting a foreign degree will enable you to avail infinite life-changing benefits. Key is to gather a prior knowledge of the education system of the country you are interested in and make your own decisions.

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