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Can Knee Braces Help Relieve the Pain of Osteoarthritis?

Author: Willie Baldwin
by Willie Baldwin
Posted: Apr 24, 2020

Although there is no known cure for knee osteoarthritis, knee braces can help reduce pain and stiffness. It helps to shift the weight from the damaged portion of your knees and improves your ability to walk around comfortably. So, how else does a knee brace help ease the symptoms of arthritis? Keep reading to find out exactly how it helps.

Apart from physical therapy, pain medications, exercises, and steroid injection, knee braces can also help in relieving the pain of osteoarthritis. A complex medical condition affects the joints of the knees, arthritis is usually found among elderly people. The condition is caused due to the breakdown of cushioning material, which covers bones in the joints. It affects one side of the knee and leads to imperfect knee alignment. This further exacerbates the condition causing more pain and stiffness. Wearing a knee brace is particularly useful in such a condition as it alleviates the pressure on the joints and helps you to move around more comfortably.

How Do Knee Braces for Osteoarthritis Help?

One of the major goals of knee braces is to provide support to the knee if you are suffering from osteoarthritis. While providing support to knees, these braces help to reduce pain and improve mobility. Though there are several theories on how these braces work in patients suffering from arthritis, none of them is proven until date. Regardless of these theories, wearing knee braces have substantially improved the condition of several people who suffer from arthritis. Physicians believe that these braces provide compression and support the damaged tissues around the knee joint. This explains why most people experience comfort while wearing braces on their knees.

Often people suffering from osteoarthritis might feel that their knees might give away which is caused due to pain and instability. Knee braces are particularly useful for such people as it gives them the required stability and support while walking and even exercising. Regular exercise and strengthening techniques can help treat the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Knee Braces for Osteoarthritis- What You Need to Know

There are various types of knee braces such as sleeve braces, unloader braces, and web braces. Sleeve type braces are ideal for those who suffer from mild pain and stiffness. These braces provide compression and warmth to the joints. This reduces pain and swelling. Compression braces provide the required support when your knees are wobbly due to arthritis. These braces are also designed to reduce strain on the knee joints during intense training and exercise.

Knee braces can be customized and designed to fit individual measurements. Different types of braces work in different ways and therefore it is essential to buy one that fits your medical requirements. Braces must be worn only during physical activity and it must be removed when you sleep or rest. It has its greatest impact when you are on the move- while shopping, playing tennis, skiing, hiking, and so forth. It is wise to use knee braces in conjunction with other therapies to strengthen your knees and muscles.

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