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What Happens When An American Rye Whiskey is Aged On An Island?

Author: Jitendra Sharma
by Jitendra Sharma
Posted: Apr 25, 2020
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The type of barrels used for the maturation process is obviously an important choice for distillers. They choose their casks very carefully as it plays a vital role in creating the spirit’s final flavor. But what about the place barrels are stored for maturation? Do the locations make any difference in creating unique flavor profile? Here in this write-up, find out the curious relationship between maritime and islands whiskey. Find out how it makes a difference in creating unique tasting notes if the barrels are aged in a warehouse close to shores.

Real magic takes place inside oak barrels, and it creates maritime flavor notes when they are aged near islands. Factors like atmospheric pressure are very crucial for the maturation process. The atmospheric conditions squeeze the oak cask over time and, as a result, add to the overall absorption and evaporation process. As the maturation process continues, the final spirit gets deeper flavor and deeper color. Cadée Distillery, a popular American rye whiskey producer, ages its spirit on Whidbey Island situated in the Pacific Northwest in Washington State. Due to its topographic demography, situated between two large mountain ranges (Cascades and Olympics), its maturation process is more effective and happens more quickly due to it’s unique weather and salish sea mineral properties.

It is no surprise that ocean air has salty particles and when it passes through barrels the spirit takes on this sea air influence. As the level of liquid within the casks reduce due to evaporation, the voided space is filled with ocean air. And, over time, the final spirit develops maritime character with a distinctive taste note.

Another important factor is oak barrels. Professional distilleries make sure the spirit is aged in a new American oak barrels. The key reason that new American oak is preferred for the maturation process is its exceptional physical and chemical nature. Oak is naturally strong enough to withstand pressure and weight. It is also known for purity, and it becomes even more effective when the oak barrels are charred to create a layer of charcoal that removes unwanted elements and adds flavor during the maturation process.

But it is not just the purity and chemical aspects of oak, it is the chemical transformation that takes place inside the barrels is also an important benefit of using new oak casks for aging the spirit. Using American oak barrels can have the following influences on the final product: aging whiskey in oak cask creates a balanced and rich taste profile and aroma. The wood chemistry changes when the cask is charred or toasted. Lignin is a binding agent that keeps the cellulose in wood intact when heated. And it creates several flavor compounds like vanillin, sweet, smoky, and spicy aroma. And the oak tannins have a great role during the maturation process, creating delicate aromas when it combines with oxygen and other elements.

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