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Successful Writing Tips: How To Structure My Article

Author: Jasmin Throndson
by Jasmin Throndson
Posted: Apr 25, 2020
writing article Most students don’t need to worry about writing up an article unless you’re a writing major or studying journalism. Occasionally, a professor may want to change things up or give you an article because they think it fits an assignment better than a traditional paper. Whether you need to know how to write an article because it’s needed for your major or for your career, or for just one assignment, here are some tips on how to write an article. Writing an article is manageable for anyone if they follow a few basic steps:First StepThink of an idea! What are you going to write about? Also, consider a few other things:Who are you writing for?Is the article for a class? If so, what class? Is there a specific assignment?What can you write about? By that I mean, what do you know enough about or have at least a basic understanding of that you can write about in a way that you can come off as knowledgeable? Articles are usually nonfictionand are meant to inform the reader. And if you are struggling with writing an article you will have the main question: Who will write my essay for me?"Second StepWhat do the readers of your article need to know about this topic? Again, think about your knowledge of the topic. Will you be able to tell them what they need to know? If not, of course, you can research the topic so you can talk about it- but make sure you understand what is being said about the topic in your research. Such as, if you know nothing about astrophysics, simply researching it won’t help you to write a good article if you are confused by everything you’re reading or have no idea what is being said? You need to engage your readers.Third StepHow do others write about the topic you’ve chosen? Go online and look at several articles on the same topic, or even articles on similar topics. Learn from the way they speak to their readers, their writing style, and how they’ve structured the article. Make sure to add passion and a way to make the article unique to you.Fourth StepResearch your topic- whether it’s online, through talking to someone knowledgeable, reading library books, etc. Make sure the resources you find are reliable. You can’t trust everything you find online or that someone tells you.Final StepWriting the article! As you do this consider a few things:Does the article require a minimum and/or a maximum number of words?Does it need to be a certain amount of pages long?Do you need subtitles, images, etc?After that, outline your article. An easy way to outline it is to write the title, then each subtitle or section you want to include, and then the last paragraph to wrap up the article. Basically, start with introducing your topic, then talk about it and use supporting evidence, then have a conclusion- just like with any other paper.After you do these things, you are ready to write your article! Be sure to give credit where it’s due by citing sources. Once you’re done, edit it until you think it’s perfect and feel free to hand it in.
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Jasmine Trondson is a freelance writer and editor in Southwestern Michigan. A graduate of Grand Valley State University, Jasmine is fond of politics, social issues, education, science, and more.

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