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8 Key Benefits of Henna That You Should Know

Author: Luk Stunning
by Luk Stunning
Posted: Apr 25, 2020
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The art of henna has been in trend for centuries. It applies to decor body and dye hair. Since the plant doesn’t have any harm, anyone can use it from children to adults. Today, henna art is one of the most popular arts. Henna artists are in demand.

Emergence of Henna

Henna is an evergreen plant that botanical name is Lawsonia Inermis. The emergence of henna is difficult to say. According to sources, it has originally come from Egypt that is one of the largest suppliers of the plant. Some believe that henna emerged from India because henna art has been practicing in India for centuries, especially during weddings. It is popularly known as Mehndi in India and a sign of good luck in marriages.

In India, henna artists are invited to special events. It is part of Hindu culture. India is also a leading supplier of henna to many parts of the world. Since it is safe to use, children love henna in the form of a tattoo. You can browse Luk Stunning to get a beautiful collection of mehndi designs for kids.

Key Benefits of Henna

Safe to Dye Hair

After drying henna leaves, it crushes into a powder form to apply to hair and palms. Henna gives a red-brown color to hair. Gray hair can turn into brown or red. Black hair can also change its color. Henna dye is safe to use than other chemical-based dying products.

A Natural Conditioner

Do you know when you mix henna and curd, it prepares a natural conditioner? The mixture can apply on hair to get smooth and lustrous hair. Instead of using a chemical-based conditioner, one can apply the natural conditioner.

Give Relief from Fever

Henna leaves have a cooling effect. Henna leaves rolled into a ball with water and placed in the hand can bring the body temperature down.

Effective to Heal Burning

You can use a henna paste on your burnt area to ease the burning pain. The paste can able to give immediate relief from burning.

Give Relief from Headache

Henna flowers cure headaches caused by the heat of the sun. The henna flower has the medicinal property that is applied on the forehead to eases pain.

Eases Arthritis Pain

When henna is applied to the hands, it relaxes the nerves via its cooling effects. Thus, it reduces inflammation caused by arthritis symptoms.

Effective for Skin Related Problems

Dandruff, eczema, scabies, and fungal infections like rashes, you can apply henna to get relief from them. Henna reduces dandruff by nourishing the scalp.

Replacing the Painful Tattoo Art

Henna can be applied to any area of your body, from hands to stomach, back, feet, and shoulders. If you wish to get a painless tattoo on your body, henna can be the best alternative. It gives a reddish-brown color that can last for a week if you protect it from water and rubbing. It has no side effects and pain.

Tips to Apply Henna-

Henna reacts to the body to give brown, reddish-brown, or dark brown color. If you want to get the dark brown color, adding coffee to the henna mixture is an excellent idea. After applying henna on the hands, don’t touch water for at least 4-5 hours.

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