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5 Things You Must Know About Root Canal Treatment

Author: Anirudh Shrikant
by Anirudh Shrikant
Posted: Apr 29, 2020

Root canal treatment is a simple straightforward procedure that is done to save your teeth from the harsh dental pain. This is typically done when the patients go through the inflammation or infection in the roots of the tooth.

Are you also a person who needs a root canal? If yes, then there are 5 Things You Must Know About Root Canal Treatment. People usually misunderstood this treatment and made numerous meanings of it. But, don’t worry because here we will unwrap the truth of root canal treatment in India.

Let’s get the answer about the major 5 things that you must know about the root canal treatment-

  1. When you must have a root canal treatment? The root canal treatment becomes a necessity when you go through an infection in the pulp of your tooth. The fact is that teeth are the combination of different layers and the area inside the root, known as a root canal. The root canal motive is to hold the tooth nerves and other soft tissues that are then claimed as tooth pulp. The situation when the tooth pulp gets infected, the need for the root canal occurs.

  2. Root canal treatment procedure? For the sake of the best results, a perfect procedure needs to be followed. The dental root canal treatment is divided into the few steps, that follows as-

  • In the first step, a small hole is created into the enamel of the tooth that allows dentist access to the pulp of the tooth that has been infected.

  • Fine pointed tools are used in the process of removing the pulp and nerve tissues giving it a nice shape and the infected free life.

  • In this step, a gum-like substance is inserted as a replacement of the missing tooth pulp.

  • In the final step, a crown is thus placed over the tooth to guarantee the shape and look of the tooth.

  1. How long does a root canal treatment need? The answer to this question depends on the tooth, patient and the disease he/she is going through. The root canal treatment mostly requires one or two appointments.

  2. How painful is the root canal procedure? The procedure is not painful at all, although it may depend upon the patient's disease. The treatment is performed with the help of the local anaesthetic. During this proved some people may feel slight pressure or discomfort but "no pain" is a guarantee in dental root canal treatment.

  3. What happens to the tooth after the entire tooth canal treatment? After the dental root canal treatment, the tooth dies. The procedure can not save the tooth but can make it worth useful for many years. It is less painful and the pocket-friendly process as compared to the replacement of the tooth.

Above we have discussed the truth about root canal treatment in India. The major questions that were answered above are what is root canal treatment? Why is it needed? What is its procedure? How long does it require? How painful the treatment can be? And what happens to the root canal treatment afterwards?

These questions were important to be cleared before you step into the decision of getting the root canal treatment.

When we talk about root canal treatment in India, Royal dental is one leading name in this field. From years of experience, the organization is delivering the best finest results by offering smiles to many happy patients.

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