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E-commerce Product Photo Editing Outsourcing: When, How and Why?

Author: Maria Wilson
by Maria Wilson
Posted: Apr 29, 2020
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There are numerous perspectives on running a successful e-commerce store. You must get the correct item, make web pages with pertinent data for every item, handle stock, oversee the shipping simultaneously. Plus, you must oversee marketing campaigns (online and offline) to get the most exposure. It isn't truly conceivable to do everything by one's self and still perform a good result.

As an online business person or say, eCommerce entrepreneur, you must concentrate on the product range, website management, social media management, and so on. Most importantly, you should focus on the product photo optimization to attract customers to your store.

Redistributing the last one has numerous favorable circumstances. Apart from saving cost and time, e-commerce outsourcing ensures better productivity and efficient ROI.

What is an e-commerce product photo editing outsourcing?

To the most general sense, e-commerce product photo editing outsourcing is the practice of getting product photos edited from an external source that has no connection to the organization. It is getting assistance from the third-party and not doing things by the internal source.

However, when you outsource your e-commerce photo editing needs you don’t have control over the procedures of actions. So, you should act smartly when you consider outsourcing. In fact, you should outsource only the tasks that will be more efficient to do.

What types of photo editing jobs you can outsource?

E-commerce entrepreneurs, as well as professional photographers, can outsource a number of services from any photo editing company. As a means of cost minimization and productivity enhancement, the following image editing services can be outsourced to a third-party—

  • Clipping path
  • Image masking
  • Background removal service
  • Product photo retouching
  • Portrait photo retouching
  • Fashion/modeling photo retouching
  • Ghost mannequin and neck joint service
  • Shadow making service
  • Real estate HDR photo editing
  • Wedding photo editing and retouching
  • Photo resizing and cropping service
  • Product photo color correction service
  • Vector tracing service and so on
When to outsource?

Photo editing is a billion-dollar business all over the world. But, interestingly, there are few companies and e-commerce vendors who do it in-house.

Almost all of the professional photographers and e-commerce brands outsource their regular photo editing necessities to professional photo editing companies. Well, freelancers also have gained a significant position in this market.

However, you should outsource your tasks only when—

  • You have thousands of images to edit
  • Have a tight deadline
  • Need high-quality image editing
  • Have tight budget range (professional companies offer a discount on bulk orders)
How to outsource photo editing jobs?

Well, professional photo editing companies offer quite an easy way of outsourcing to their agencies. But the theme here is to know whom to outsource rather than how to outsource.

However, before you sign up with a company for outsourcing your jobs make sure you go through some formalities. Keep the documents safe until you have the jobs done remotely.

Usually, outsourcing formalities today occur over the internet, more precisely, over the business email. So, ask for every detail you want to know. Check the reliability by scrolling through the review section. Compare it with one or two more.

Once you have enough satisfactory details, settle down.

However, today, it is easier to outsource to a photo editing company. You just have to fill out the form and you are good to go.

Why consider e-commerce product photo editing outsourcing?

Outsourcing is more beneficial than the hustle it takes to do so. Let’s explore the primary advantages for what you should consider e-commerce outsourcing—

  • Better productivity—

You’ll surely become more productive when you have less workload to execute. Moreover, you can do other jobs in the meantime you assign someone else for your job. Usually, an e-commerce product photo editing job is tedious and exhausting. It consumes a lot of effort and takes time to do. Outsourcing can free up the burden and let you do things better.

If you do not want yourself to be taken over by the competition of the market you better be more productive today.

  • Saves time—

Scrolling through thousands of e-commerce product images and pushing buttons for numerous times to edit them consumes more time than you count.

Outsourcing saves your time and lets you enjoy the free time which you can spend on other quality jobs.

  • Get help from the experts—

Outsourcing agencies employ only experts for your job. So, you will always get the expert’s help no matter how small your demand is.

And, it is evident that an expert’s help will always take you to a better place.

  • Save money—

E-commerce brands often get big discounts on the bulk volume of images. So, rather than paying for individual pictures, you can get a round bill for thousands of your images; often in the price of a few.

Moreover, you have a cost minimization when you are engaging a third-party for your job without paying extra for your in-house employees.

  • Get jobs done timely—

A quick turnaround time is all you might need to stay at the top of the competition. Professional photo editing companies always maintain a quick turnaround time at any cost. So, you can get them timely to sell a lot of products before your competitors are preparing the images.

Wrapping up—

Outsourcing your e-commerce product photo editing job to the right company can be a major lift to your online business. Rather than investing energy in routine works which are huge, you would now be able to concentrate on improving your site and selling more items.

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