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How is copper present in our everyday life?

Author: Mike Kempsky
by Mike Kempsky
Posted: May 01, 2020
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Amazing Copper

For thousands of years copper is known to be an essential part of human life. It is not only it plays important role in our health system, but also it is used in wide branches of industries. Here we would like to focus on some of its amazing functions and various applications.

Copper in human health

Copper can be found in almost all of the body tissues, in particular in brain, heart, liver and skeletal muscles. It is a trace mineral that is involved in making red blood cells. It also helps to maintain proper work of nervous and immune systems. Copper is involved in formation of collagen and absorption of iron. Although its deficiency is rather rare, it might lead to serious cardiovascular disease or Alzheimer’s disease. Due to that copper is necessary in our diet and can be found naturally in oysters and other shellfish, whole grans products, beans and cocoa.

Common uses of copper in industries

Besides of incredible impact of copper on our health, copper is widely used because of its amazing properties. As a metal it is very ductile and malleable. It enables range of further processing methods. Copper is valued also for its high electric and thermal conductivity. Properties of this metal are often underestimated, while is still remains a true phenomena in modern industries. It has versatile applications such as in electronics, coinage, renewable energy systems and many more, including highly advanced technology in medicine. Copper is very practical metal that has been used by humans for thousands years and still is irreplaceable.

Application of copper in modern art

Copper is also widely used in modern art due to its stunning, shining orange color. Products such as copper wall tiles are not only tough and durable, but also simply aesthetic. Due to current fashion, copper tiles are recently also used in private households as decorative elements. Its decorative metallic appearance always brings elegant touch to interior. Copper tile became a medium of expression for many artists. It may be applied in form of remarkable copper mosaic tiles in living room and bedroom. Copper tiles for kitchen backsplash can be an unconventional way of lifting standard of interior.

Copper as decorative material

Properties of this metal enables craftsman to prepare wide range of beautiful copper wall tiles. Rising popularity of Celtic symbols and motives yield in unique tree of life tile. Some people prefer to use brass tiles or stainless steel tiles instead of pure copper tiles. They can be used as decoration on terrace or open garden as metal wall art. Copper tiles are an appropriate element for high-class restaurants or hotels, that appreciate professional handcraft and seek elegance. For individuals, we recommend taking into consideration copper tiles in kitchen. As small decorative elements they can add a bit of sophistication, that will balance whole design. Luxurious bathrooms will also look amazing with copper tiles backsplash. Definitely this trend of adding natural metals into interiors can bring more distinction and highlight assets of certain space.

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