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6 Fierce Questions on Women Empowerment to be raised!!!

Author: Himani Singh
by Himani Singh
Posted: May 06, 2020
women empowerment

Women Empowerment is an objective to provide women with equal rights not only with the male counterparts but also with the world and its mindset towards women empowerment.

Women empowerment can be read in books, on google search, talks on television but still we face these questions on women empowerment that should be raised.

Even if all the questions mentioned below have been raised, we still face issues on women empowerment and development of women.

Are we happy in this current world?Women Empowerment

The reason for the existence of a human being is happiness. This basic question on happiness will tell you the past as well as the present of the woman.

Countries are ranked on the happiness index then why is there no index based on the happiness of women. There should be a comparison between the happiness of a man and a woman in a particular country. Happiness is not limited to women, it should be equally asked to their male counterparts.

The result would tell you the whole picture through which the society is framed.

What mindset does society have for women?

From time imperial, where women have been objectified to an emotional, caring, motherly, self-esteemed woman dedicating her life to her husband and children.

Men used to take care of the financial as well as decision-makers in the house. He would be a protective figure as well as respected by her wife and the children.

Women Empowerment

Kings used to fight for the land, marry numerous wife and still he was respectable. Whereas, women who solely dedicated herself to her husband were not respected.

Women have fought for long to get their rights to speak, freedom, vote, career, and thoughts. In every area women had fought in the past, it is still fighting in the present, and let’s see what will happen in the future.

Did we ever think in the past or present about respecting women?

There are two sides here: society has given respect to women as goddesses on one hand and the other hand failed to respect women in their own house.

The respect that every woman desires is lacking. In every house there is one woman who has to take care of the house cleaning, children, parents, and husband. This part is constant and if she desires to work she has to be a superwoman to handle both the duties effectively.

Women Empowerment

Whereas men have one responsibility to work, protect the family, and make important decisions.

The above case is a general example, there would always be some exception to this and we appreciate those families and thoughts.

When will women be treated as equals?

Women still have to fight for being equal. If you think that this is wrong then "why has the most developed country never had a woman president?"

Guess the country?

United States of America

Many countries had women leaders representing the nation, but this is a debatable topic on the equality of women in the most developed country also known as world superpower.

Go through any industry "Do you think men and women are paid equal?"

Women Empowerment

For the same work, responsibility and time women are paid comparatively less as compared to their male counterparts.

When will the harassment against women end?

Have you heard of this line that "There is no place for women"

There was a report from the BBC stating the safety of women and the rising number of harassment cases against women in the world.

If there is no place for women where they would go, the reason for the existence of every human being is a woman and still we hear statements like "There is no place for women."

Why do some people look at women as an object of lust? When will this mentality change?

Women EmpowermentDo women respect other women?

Think about this question because in reality we see women back bitching about other women and also hear stories where women do not want to give birth to a girl child. Women Empowerment starts with empowering other women by a woman but unfortunately we lack in this field.

How will the world respect a woman if another woman doesn’t respect their gender?

Why whenever girls are fighting it is represented as a catfight?

Women Empowerment

Have you ever heard of any such names given to men?

There are numerous other questions that a woman should ask to themselves and the society. Every woman deserves respect and equality and in this modern world.

"Why do we lack social responsibility towards women?"

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