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5 Benefits of Porcelain Benchtops in Your Home

Author: Andrea Davis
by Andrea Davis
Posted: May 07, 2020
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Stuck on choosing the ideal benchtops for your kitchen or bathroom? Sometimes, having such a myriad of options available to you can be quite overwhelming, and this is especially true when it comes to benchtop materials. Whilst having certain needs or specifications may narrow down the options a little, most homeowners are unsure of what to look for in the perfect benchtop material. In such circumstances, what these homeowners need is a product that promises to prove as the perfect all-rounder. And thankfully, that perfect all-rounder exists- and it’s none other than the highest quality porcelain benchtops in Perth.

What Makes Porcelain Great as a Benchtop Material?

Tough and Durable

Porcelain sintered benchtops are made out of a special powdered clay and coloured pigments. When these two are bonded together at an incredibly high temperature, it results in a material that is highly resistant towards both heat and fire. As you can probably imagine, this makes them the perfect benchtop material for kitchens, or even as a splashback surface. Being highly dense and incredibly durable, these benchtops are designed to handle the harsh punishments avid cooks dish out day after day in the kitchen, ensuring to remain standing sturdy in your living environment, all whilst resisting against the tests of time for a number of decades.


Good hygiene is imperative when it comes to the kitchen, especially when it comes to preparing meals for others such as family members or guests. Another thing that makes porcelain benchtops great in the kitchen is the fact that the material has very low porosity. Having benchtops with low porosity can make your kitchen a much more hygienic environment, as there are no large crevices in the benchtop material that bacteria can fall into and build up in. What’s more, spilled substances won’t be able to seep into these tiny holes and cause stain, meaning that you won’t have to worry about inflicting irreversible damage on your kitchen benchtops all because of an accidental spill.

Ideal for the Outdoors

Do you love being able to host family barbeques or have your guests over for dinner in your outdoor entertainment area? An outdoor kitchen can be a great thing to add to your property if you’re an avid cook, or if you simply love the thought of being able to host a sensational get-together where guests are able to mingle around delicious food being prepared. What’s more, choosing porcelain benchtops for your outdoor kitchen is an even greater decision to make, as this benchtop material is also highly UV resistant. With this in mind, you can invest in porcelain benchtops for your outdoor cooking area without having to worry about your new investment fading as a result of sun damage.

Aesthetically Stunning

Of course, aesthetics is just as important as functionality, especially when it comes to your kitchen or bathroom. The kitchen is often considered the focal point of the home for some homeowners; in fact, 80% of shoppers on named the kitchen as one of the three most important spaces of the house. On the other hand, having a stylishly designed bathroom can really set the tone and create an inspiring mood for when you’re getting ready in the morning or for a big night out. Porcelain benchtops are available in a wide range of shades, including neutral tones such as white, stone, grey, camel and black. These designs are often easiest to pair with other aspects of your kitchen or bathroom, so you can be sure that whatever shade you pick, it’ll ensure to work harmoniously with whatever else you’ve got going on in these spaces.

Adds Value

Often, no one lives in the same house forever. So, when the time comes for you to put your house on the market in future, you’d want to make sure that you can get the highest price possible in exchange for it. Adding porcelain benchtops into your kitchen and bathrooms can greatly help to increase the value of your property, being both a highly stunning and incredibly hard-wearing material. With porcelain benchtops installed, you may succeed in making your kitchen or bathrooms stand out so much that homeowners will choose to invest in your home over any of the other options available to them.

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