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Table Calendar Printing 2021

Author: Suresh Kumar
by Suresh Kumar
Posted: May 10, 2020
"A calendar printing is an info-graphic printed and presentable form of paper that is organized with day, week and month with a national holiday, etc".

Usually, a calendar is made for increasing sales, advertising of product & services, motivational & inspirational quotes & visuals, awareness of social welfare or personal gift, etc.

According to my experience, the table calendar printing business declined 7-10% since the last 20 years, internet use is a big reason for people shifting to electronic media.

Think before placing your order.
  • Most B2B companies get a calendar printed for advertising their products and services.
  • Just before 1-2 month end of the year, people engaged with calendar printing, if you are involved in B2B business you need to print your calendar and distribute among your customer and reserve their space in customer’s offices for a year long. so try to initiate designing and editing 2-3 months before the distribution date.
  • This is my personal experience, for local marketing, if your calendar presentation is better than your competitor you will remain throughout the year otherwise your calendar might be replaced by your competitor’s calendar
  • A calendar to gift your heart belonging? Then keep your image of quality high.
5 Benefits of getting printed your calendar here
  1. Confirm your order no. as you need to pay the design cost.
  2. Free of cost royalty-free images.
  3. Get your delivery on time.
  4. Designing until satisfaction.
  5. Free of cost printed sample.
  6. Free of cost delivery in Delhi & NCR

Even though highly use of digital calendars through electronic devices like mobile, tablet, notepad, laptop or computer, printed calendars are still in demand.

Some people prefer a printed calendar so that they may write some important events, personal occasions that really matter to them.

If you are a corporate you need to make a personalized and motivational quote and high-quality images that keep your staff energized all day long (morning to evening and throughout the year.)

Make sure the quality of the calendar should be eye-catchy and mind-blowing. People love to see the calendar at a glance while working to keep them inspired.

It’s an informational, motivational or promotional printing product.

Due to the planning for a year-long, in front of the office and for your own brand, it should be eye-catchy enough.

Calendar means "only a system that makes it easy to organize your time frame"

The calendar may be of either digital or physical as both help to finish work in time.

How helpful a desktop calendar is?
  • These calendars help us to set a goal and finish our work on time, in which marked off-day represents a national holiday, banking holiday, religious leave or event, etc.
  • The motivational calendar enhances our work efficiency and keeps us energized.
  • Help us to unite our community through the religious calendar.
  • It helps us to stay organized and consistent.
  • The Memorized date on time to our heart belongings.
Types of calendar
  • Wall Calendar
  • Pocket Calendar
  • Poster Calendar
  • Magnet Calendar
  • Personalized Calendar
  • Wedding Calendar
  • Shipping Wall Calendar

Nowadays, there are so much official and personal workload, in this fast-moving world that makes an easy commitment and full fill a plan and organizes it over commitment and follows a schedule, calendars are a very important role in marketing, business promotion or personal time management.

When we make a calendar we have to keep so many parameters in mind that why people keep our calendar in front of them.

According to marketing and brand promotion, it is the best medium to show-off your brand in front of your audience.

Personalized Table Calendar PrintingPersonalized Table Calendar

Now it has been a trend to gift a table calendar to your heart belonging to see them in front of you while you are working.

Get a 7 leaf table calendar or 13 leaf table calendar printed in a standard size as well as 6?x8.5? vertical or horizontally, so you can put them in each month-wise memory. Each page has a separate image with a calendar and wire bound. It has sufficient space to place photos and dates that’s easily visible.

It’s even pocket-friendly and does not access more than INR 200-225 each personalized Gift table calendar cost vary on the basis of quantity, size, paper quality, etc.

Verticle Table CalendarPersonalize Calendar to a Boy Friend, Girl Friend, MOM, Father7.5?x8.5?, 9.5?x6.25?, 6.5?x10.5? Standard Table Calendar Sizes

Above given standard size that fits for your low volume quantity, high quality and cost-effective. You can get it packed properly with slim fit box printing.

You may get it print vertical or horizontal.

Paper stock best for the desktop calendar is 170gsm either matte or gloss. People notice some of the important dates on the calendar such as Birthdays, Fix Meetings, Dr. Appoitments for these purposes Matte Finish paper is the best option easy to notice down.

People get it print of 300gsm as my concern no need of thicker stock. First of all Table calendar price per unit goes high and secondly, shipment cost adds more to it.

To get print your customized wall or table calendar click here.

No need to explain more, they will assist you to provide you the cheap and the best rate.

Table Calendar Design Software

Today there are so many online design tools and high-quality stock images they do not require more skill. With the help of the design tool Woo-commerce, Shopify, Magento, Envato, etc. This software is so easy just drag and drop and place your text.

If you are feeling inconvenient just click here or call +91-11-46091624, our expert designer will assist you or send your images and text they will design at no cost.

You require to be perfect in professional design software like CorelDraw, photoshop, illustrator. This software is very extensive but you can do the way you wish.

Table Calendar Printing Process

When it comes to table calendar printing quantity is major factor that matters, whether you are going to print either Digitally or Offset Printing.

Qty. required each content under 500 size A3 run, we must go Digital Printing Process and more than 500 size A3, should go to Offset Printing Process to get cost-effective.

Best Digital Printing Machine: Indigo and Canon 10000 is the best. If I say color accuracy and pinpoint front back both are very close to our CMYK printing format.

Best Offset Printing Machine: Heidelberg SM 72 and SM 74 is the best printing machine. There is no space for other offset printing machine who can replace it on the comparison of printing quality. Minimum calendar printing paper size should be of 11?x17? and yon can print 28?x40? bigger calendar.

High-Quality Table Calendar Printing Images

When it comes to calendar printing it requires high-quality images of motivational, Scenery, inspirational, spiritual, etc. As it reflects in front of you entire the year you need to have a high-quality image there is much several stock image you can use from them.


These photos and vectors are royalty-free. Some of them are paid and unpaid. Here you find images for printing purpose in *.cdr, *AI, *.pdf in 300 DPI.

Desktop Calendar Bound Process

There are two types of option available

  1. Wire -o-bound
  2. Spiral-bound

Wire-o-Bound is the best bound because it’s a little bit costly compared to the spiral binding. Wire-0, coils come in white and black pre-coated no chance to rust later on.

Online Calendar Generator Website

You can make a Customized Table Calendar used worldwide.

What about the desktop calendar stand made of?

To stand out the calendar firmly it is made of 600 to 800gsm thickness with cardboard and laminated paper pasted on the cover.

7 And 13 Leaf Table Calendar Printing

7 leaf table calendar Printing is the better and economical way it is printed on both sides.

If it requires more space to promote your product you can get 13 leaf table calendars.

11?x17?, 14?x19?, 17?x24? 19?x29 Wall Calendar Popular Sizes

" these are standard sizes. you may customize it as per your requirement it may cost you a little bit more due to the waste of paper.

One or Multi Sheet Wall Calendar

Product marketing companies distribute calendars to their customers intending to sell their products, so they can get a Table Calendar Idea of month-wise and print their Table Calendar Design, product branding prominent.

Product marketing company uses multi-sheet to display its fast-moving product advertisement month-wise:-

  • 1 Sheeter Wall Calendar
  • 3 Sheeter Wall Calendar
  • 4 Sheeter Wall Calendar

These Calendars have sufficient space for your product branding.

Wall Calendar Bound Process
  • Thread Process

This bound process is the cheapest way you can get it done in Rs 0.40-to-0.45 per running inch depending on how many leaves have a complete calendar.

The best tin mounting company is in Naraina Industrial Area New Delhi-110028 India. "Nazrul Calendar Works" call 9811722161

  • Spiral Binding – It cost a little higher compared to the wire -o- bound, This process is semi-automated, Pricing cost comes over all 1rs running inch, Available coil color are white and black.
  • Wire-o-binding – It’s a supreme quality of the bound process price overall comes Rs 1.5 t0 1.75. These coils coms in 0.5 thickness and 1/2?, t0 1 inch, and black and white color.
Calendar Paper Stock

Wall calendar paper stock mostly used in 130gsm and 170gsm, you may customize to fit in the budget reducing paper thickness.

Textured paper or plain paper you may select if you wish something unique. Thickness lesser should be 130gsm paper as thin paper might make noise while the fan is switched on.

I have seen millions of calendars passing through my sight. Few of my clients like the textured paper calendar printing whereas, most of them like to see text content with antique color combinations as it makes it more prominent. They even avoid images also.

Wall Calendar Bound Option
  • Thread Binding
  • Spiral Binding
  • Wire-o-Binding
5 More Cool Tools for Advertising, on the basis of product promotion?

Besides advertising on the calendar, there are various other promotional sources which are very useful. People do it but which one is perfect for your local audience so choose according to them.

  • Key Chain,
  • Pen Printing,
  • Mug Printing,
  • Note Pad Printing

Among them, Table Calendar is the most useful for advertising.

Top 3 Table Calendar Manufacturing Company
Is it necessary to put the post-press application on Table calendar

Usually, a calendar is made for a year, as my concern no need to spend more money on it. But if you want to make your brand or product very prominent among your competitor, you can do given option below:-

  1. Lamination
  2. Varnish
  3. UV coating
  4. Hot stamping
  5. Embossing etc.

The above application helps to make your brand prominent.

If your product matter is of a photo, then for the clear vision you need to spot done spot UV that makes your calendar awesome! it helps to give a unique look to your image and logo.

Hot stamping is unique itself it may be gold, silver or any shining color.

How to decide the Table Calendar Design?

While we make a plan to print calendar we have to think a concept of making it more conversion and branding, to put month-wise selling products and services intending increase in sale to your audience because these calendars are in front of you the entire year, it depends on whom you gift it and your goal that you want to achieve. As such you want to gift in a rural area you must think first what rural area people like to see and what you want to sell them make a combination of it to make an eye-catching Table Calendar Design.

How much does a table calendar price each unit?

There is various factor on behalf of which the table calendar price is decided. Some of them are calendar size, paper quality, paper thickness, types of bound are a major factor if we talk about personalized calendar it would cost Rs 200-225/-

Personalized Table Calendar Printing with your brand in front of the customerWall Calendar

Even personal or corporate calendar due to being in front of wall or desktop visibility it is also a big advertising tool, that can affect the major impact of your business, basically, calendars are made 15 days before from starting of the new year, how good you feel happy if someone gifts you a fancy personalized table calendar.

It contains each page of your name and address. Wow! Grocery and pharmaceutical item manufacturer company target according to as per their seasonal product sale, manipulate the image and content seasonal month-wise to the maximum consuming product. Designing, printing price, with aqueous, lamination or with no lamination UV coating, with a covering envelope with 120 gsm printed with a self-adhesive peel out and seal.

9 Tips to make an eye-catching Wall or Table calendar design and printing.
  1. Image of high quality.
  2. Keep content bigger so that it’s visible to the readers.
  3. Apply UV coating on images.
  4. Bound type wire-o.
  5. You are making a calendar for your client, not for you do what your customer’s feedback is.
  6. If possible get a photo-shoot of your product or brand.
  7. Use the template for the betterment of content flash-cut design.
  8. Do not forget to make it as prominent as possible.
  9. Specify the color of the type of holiday.
What is cheap calendar printing?

Single leaf wall calendar, 12?x18? paper is of 130 gsm, tin mounted thread hanging is the best and heap calendar, if you wish to print quantity of 1000 it would cost start the cost from Rs. 5-6 depending on the thickness of paper and quality.

Vertical or horizontal, which one is the best calendar?

The horizontal shape is a little costlier than vertical, as wire coil used in the former is more. If there is enough space on the table you can opt for horizontal standout.

If you have queries related to design, printing, calendar material, do write to us.

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