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30 tips for a low budget wedding

Author: Mahendran Coimbatore
by Mahendran Coimbatore
Posted: May 14, 2020

Marriage is a unique day in the life, just as your spouse's original proposal was. Therefore, it is particularly important to us that this unique ceremony takes place in our dreams. Unfortunately, whether you're planning an original or a more classic wedding, all of this comes at a cost. If you can't afford to spend all your money on D-Day, follow these tips to help you prepare for a successful celebration, with cheap wedding decor, for example, like you're on a higher budget.

1. eliminate the superfluous. Take every element of your big day and ask yourself every time: do I really want it, would I miss it?

2. call your family and friends. To avoid additional costs, ask your friends to help you with the preparations.

3. Plan ahead. To save money, get organized. By reserving some services in advance or buying months in advance, you will have more options and time to do business!

4. Narrow down the guest list. It is better to invite fewer people and receive them better than trying to invite too many people and feel overwhelmed by the number. 5. Get married out of season. By avoiding spring and summer, and especially the months of May and September, you can get services at a better price.

6. Avoid getting married on a Saturday, it is the most popular day.

7. Enjoy a family home for an intimate wedding. Invite your loved ones to your home, a family member or a friend, and organize a very personal celebration.

8. Attend wedding fairs. Companies often offer discounts and promotional offers.

9. Write your wedding invitations by hand. This step takes time, but your guests will be touched upon receiving a homemade invitation card.

10. Email your wedding invitations to further reduce costs.

11. Plan one gift per couple instead of one gift per guest. 12. Make your own gifts for your guests. They will be even more affected and this will allow you to customize them for original wedding gifts.

13. Add your wedding thank you speech to the little D-Day gift to avoid having to send it.

14. Get into DIY. Making your own wedding decorations is a good way to save money, but also to personalize your event as much as possible.

15. Visit flea markets and garage sales. There is nothing like recovering old objects to cut your budget. Feel free to use the wonders of your attic for cheap wedding decor.

16. Choose green plants. They are cheaper than flowers and equally elegant.

17. Use natural elements for your decoration, such as dead leaves to collect during a walk in the forest.

18 If you are concerned about flowers, choose them in the season of the year. They will cost you less than exotic varieties elsewhere.

19. Collect yogurt pots and other everyday objects to turn them into candleholders and decorative items of all kinds.

20. Reduce the amount of food. Guests often say that they eat too much during a wedding. Focus on the essential and do the qualitative instead of the quantitative.

21. Choose fresh, local, and seasonal foods. Avoid red berries and exotic flavors.

22. Choose a sparkling wine and save on champagne.

23. Limit the amount of alcohol you consume. A sangria as an appetizer and wine and beer on the table will be more than enough.

24. Set up a few large tables instead of many small ones. This will divide the price of centerpieces, tablecloths, and other wedding table decorations.

25. Choose the same musician or DJ for the ceremony and the night.

26. Enjoy the end of season sales. Stay tuned for promotions from your favorite wedding dress stores.

27. Rent your wedding dress instead of buying it.

28. If you don't want to wear too much makeup, you can do your wedding makeup alone or with the help of a friend by doing several tests beforehand.

Wear family jewelry. Instead of buying new accessories, choose accessories with a true story.

Wait to print all your Wedding Photography

albums. Ask to receive them on CD instead of paper. Once your finances are in place, you can print your favorite photos.

It only takes a little to make a beautiful wedding decoration without spending miles and pennies. With all these savings, you can go on a honeymoon to a heavenly destination. If you are still missing a few euros, do not hesitate to put an original wedding urn on a table so that your guests can participate in this beautiful project.

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