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Best Tips To Wax Your Car Guide

Author: Rhys Faulkner
by Rhys Faulkner
Posted: May 11, 2020
wax car

Imagine the scene: You have a special event. But your car is all damaged! This is a concern because nobody wants to have an old car that leaves a bad impression! So how to beautify your car? Waxing is the solution to keep the paint in good condition! But how do you wax your car? Don't panic! Via garagelibre learn how to wax your car like a pro.

Steps to wax your car like a pro:

First, you have to decide what type of product to choose to wax your car:

Natural wax : very effective and can bring a perfect shine and shine to your body. However, it is difficult to apply.

Synthetic sealant : a chemical that is more durable than wax and is easy to apply. However, this product cannot restore a brilliant shine to your body.

You must wash your car with soap and water to get rid of dust and dirt. Note that it is always advisable to use a soap designed for car washing. Make sure your vehicle is completely dry. Wax your car in a dry and shaded place. Choose an area of??your vehicle to start epilating.

Apply the wax using circular movements. Note that you should not wax your car entirely at once. First wax the first half of your car and after removing the wax, start depilating the other half. Use a microfiber towel to remove the wax and polish the car by using best car polishing machine. Always remember that a well applied shoe polish can last between 6 to 8 months.

To keep the polish of your vehicle as long as possible, we advise you to park it sheltered from the sun and bad weather. If you have a collaborative spirit, you can opt for shared parking. The principle is simple: you can park your vehicle in car parks of hotels, residences or supermarkets up to 70% cheaper and open the doors with your smartphone thanks to the Zenpark mobile application.

Unfortunately, most people don't know how to brake properly. Perhaps, you are wondering: how to brake correctly? No stress, garagelibre offers you these tips to learn how to brake properly. Follow us to discover some tips on good braking, and learn how to brake properly. Take a look below!

Brake gently When you arrive at a traffic light or stop sign, resist the urge to wait until the last moment. Instead, apply the brakes early and gently. Most newer cars have anti-lock brakes, so when you press the brake, you may feel a pulsation. Even with this feeling, keep the pressure on the brakes. If it's faster than expected, you can also put your left foot on the footrest to help stabilize your body. Keep practicing to reduce your timing. Otherwise, you risk braking too early or losing traction due to a quick stop. Brake early On top of that, if you're on the highway and you're starting to see a slowdown, it's best not to wait until the very last moment to brake. Not only does this cause unnecessary damage and wear and tear to your brake pads, but it can also cause an accident if you stop right in front of a driver who may not have seen the deceleration.

To avoid this, simply lift your foot off the gas and then slowly apply the brake when you start to see traffic slow down.

Don't brake hard in a turn

Braking hard when cornering is a bad idea because it not only disrupts traffic and causes driver irritation, it also causes increased wear on your pads and calipers, leading to early and costly replacement.

The 're driving experts suggest simply releasing the accelerator pedal when you see that you are about to turn and slow down by applying your brakes. Once you start turning, lift your foot off the brake and slowly step on the accelerator again.

Save your brakes: drive smart The brake pads, shoes, drums and brake discs may need to be repaired for regular wear. Be sure to follow the directions in your owner's manual. If you think there is something wrong with your brakes, or if one of the brake indicators on your dashboard is on, don't wait to have your brakes checked.
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