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How to Construct An Essay Plan

Author: Buycollege Essay
by Buycollege Essay
Posted: May 15, 2020

There is no doubt in it that essay writing is one of the most important assignments of students’ academic careers. It is also noteworthy that such academic essay writing affects students’ academic grades. So with a better essay plan, you can write a good essay

Essay Plan

Hence it becomes essential for a student to write an excellent essay writing for their academic assignments. At the same time writing, an outstanding academic essay writing according to teachers’ requirements and instructions is not very easy, as students have to complete such essay writing before the limited deadlines.

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Therefore students have to make a perfect essay plan before starting their academic essay writing. If you make a proper essay-planning and then start writing your essay according to preplanned manners, then you can easily write a perfect or excellent essay writing.

Most of the students seem confused when it comes to making essay-planning. If you are also confused about essay-planning, then you came to the right place. Here we are going to give you the best ultimate guidance on it.

Why does the essay plan matter?

When it comes to planning an essay before starting writing. Then most students seem confused about why essay-plan matters? Here are some points that clear your doubts regarding why planning in essay writing important-:

  1. If you are writing an essay by making perfect pre-planning for essay writing. Then you can quickly write a perfectly structured essay, and the reader can easily grab or understand the meaning of your content.
  2. If you do proper planning about the entire essay before starting it. Then you don’t need to waste your time during writing, to think about nothing such as "what i write next."
  3. There is no chance that you forget to include any important facts or critical points because you already pre-planned everything. Such as what to write or what to not?
  4. If you write an essay with well-planning and organization, then you can easily write an excellent essay. Thus you can easily get your desired grades in your academics.
  5. Students need to submit their academic essay writing before the deadlines. Therefore if students make an essay plan according to deadlines, then they can easily write the essay before the deadlines.
The common essay structure-:

No matter which essay you are going to write, essay-planning is important for every essay, writing to write a successful essay. But before we discuss the essay plans for every essay writing. Here we mention a common essay structure for every essay writing-:

1. Introduction of essay-:

The introduction is the very first and the most important part of every essay writing. The introduction contains 10 to 20% part of the entire essay writing. In the introduction of essay writing, students are required to write introductory sentences of an essay, some background information about the topic, and an effective thesis statement. Always make sure that the introduction of the essay does not become too lengthy.

2. Body of the essay-:

The body is the second part of each essay writing. The body is also one of the most important parts of the entire essay. As the body of the essay contains 60 to 70% part of the entire essay.

In the body of your essay, you can write all the detailed information about the topic. Even you can write everything that you know, and different facts or arguments that you collected from various sources about the topic.

Here you have to write sufficient information, facts, and arguments to support your thesis statement, that you mentioned in the introduction part. It is much better if you provide some evidence in the body of the essay.

3. Conclusion of the essay-:

The conclusion is the last but also one of the vital parts of essay writing. We can say that it is your last chance to impress the reader. Here you have to follow three essential tips: Restate the thesis statement, write a general conclusion, and give a final concluding statement.

If you want to make an excellent conclusion for an essay, then don’t try to mention any new statement here, but only focus on concluding your essay with the final statement. The conclusion contains only 10 to 15% part of the entire essay.

The step-by-step guidance on how to construct an ideal essay plan-:

As we already discussed that planning is essential for writing an excellent essay before the deadline. But most of the students seem confused about how to construct a superb essay-plan. Therefore here we are providing the best step-by-step ultimate guidance on how to make proper essay-plan-:

Understand the Topic or Question of essay-:

Teachers of different subjects time-to-time give to their student’s different types of essay writing. Sometimes the essay writing is based on a problem or question. In such cases, students are required to provide the answer to the question in their essay writing.

Most of the students fail to get good grades in their academics as they aren’t able to understand the question of the essay; thus, they can’t provide the answer to that question in their essay writing.

Therefore, before you start writing your essay, you have to do proper planning for essay writing. When you are making an essay plan, first of all, you have to understand the essay topic or question that your teachers assigned you.

If you have any doubts regarding the essay question, then ask your teachers to clear your confusion regarding the essay question. And only after making sure that you are clear about the topic or subject. You should go to the next step of planning.

Keep in mind the instructions of your teacher-:

Commonly, every teacher gives essay writing to their students on a particular topic. Teachers also give some instructions regarding the academic essay writing that students must have to follow while writing an essay.

If a student doesn’t write the essay according to the instruction of their teachers, they can’t be able to impress their teachers. Hence if you are going to make planning for academic essay writing, then you have to always keep in mind the requirements and instructions of your teachers regarding essay writing.

If you make an essay plan according to your teacher’s instruction, then you will be easily able to write an outstanding essay.

Make essay planning according to deadlines-:

At the time when the teacher gives essay writing to their students, then they also give them deadlines to complete those essay writings. Students are required to complete early and submit the essay writing before the deadlines to their teachers.

If they fail to submit the assignment before the deadlines, then they can’t get their desired academic grades. Hence you have to make essay planning according to the deadlines.

Brainstorm for Ideas-:

In this step, students have to brainstorm all their thoughts and ideas that they already have about the essay topic. As we all know that for writing a successful essay, every student has to collect a sufficient amount of relevant and reliable information, facts, and arguments about the topic.

So in this stage, the student has to make sure that what he/she already knows about the topic and what they need to know about the topic for making perfect or excellent essay writing.

In simple words, here, students should have to find out the answers of 4 questions-:

  • What does the student already know about the topic?
  • What does the student require to know about the topic?
  • Does the student have proper research sources on the topic?
  • Does the student have any ideas about the conclusion?
Do proper research on the topic to collect relevant and reliable information-:

In this step, you have to start researching your topic. As you already analyzed what you already know about the topic, and now what you need to know? So you have to find out different relevant resources from where you can quickly get reliable and sufficient information about your essay topic.

It is one of the most important parts of planning. You can get different facts, arguments, and information about the topic from various sources such as newspapers, books, and online media, etc. Always make sure to collect all the relevant information from reliable sources. It will be useful if you also mention some evidence to prove the arguments.

Make a Plan-:

As you already completed the main steps of making an essay-planning. Now you just require to make a perfect and effective essay plan for your academic essay writing. If you successfully do the best planning for essay writing before starting writing. And, then starts writing with great strategy, and organization. Then we can say that nobody can stop you from writing an impressive, informative, and successful academic essay.

Proper planning also allows you to create the best-structured essay writing appropriately. With the proper planning, you can easily write successful academic writing and get your desired academic grades.

In the planning of the essay, a student also outlines an essay and becomes clear about what to write or whatnot in the essay. Hence they don’t need to stop and think about the topic at the time of writing.


We have mentioned all the detailed information about the essay planning that you should know about it. We have mentioned the importance of planning in essay writing, along with we also mentioned the step-by-step guidance on how to construct an essay plan.

Thus, we hope that our blog will clear all your doubts regarding the planning of the essay. Still, if you have any confusion regarding it, then feel free to contact us anytime. We have a team of experts who are all well qualified and have years of experience working in the writing field.

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