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What is black magic – Going to Spiritual Healer for Protection

Author: Abdul Rauf Khal'id
by Abdul Rauf Khal'id
Posted: May 13, 2020

What is Black Magic?

Although we are living in the era of science and technology, we can't deny the existence of black magic in this era. Since ancient times, people would practice day and night to get supernatural power, with which they can achieve anything. This desire for being the only one lead human to practice black magic. Black magic in tradition is the use of supernatural powers to bring harm to other people for self-satisfaction. And in this competitive era where everyone wants to be ahead of others, black magic is undoubtedly finding its place and importance. Whenever it is about black magic, never expect something good from it.

People who practice black magic are professional and very dedicated individuals. They only have one aim that is to get powers to bring harm to others and achieve whatever they want. This can create enmity and hatred among individuals. One thing is for sure when someone is taking the help of black magic, whether it is for his benefit, it always turned out to be disastrous someday.

What are the practices of black magic?

When it comes to black magic, you will find several different practices people carry around the world to fulfil their desires. Some of these are;

  • The most common practice today is the spelling curse on people, so they had to suffer for long. These spells bound a person and his abilities. Whatever he does all goes in vain.
  • Hallucination is another practised black magic? The person under the spell experience unusual things around him and lead him to stress and anxiety. In some cases, the person commits suicide due to stress.
  • In some countries, people perform black magic to make the other person fall in love with them.
  • Another the common practice of black magic is voodoo, in which a sculpture of a doll is used. The doll is used to bring a curse on the people by either casting spells or placing needles in the doll body.

Symptoms Of Black Magic

Some of the symptoms of black magic which shows a person is under a curse spell are;

  • Sudden weight loss
  • Severe anxiety
  • Blindness
  • Eyes turning grey
  • Unstable emotional behaviour
  • Infertility in women not explained by medical diagnosis
  • Hallucinations
  • Blood on clothes or in the home without any reason
  • Bad body odour
  • Everything is working in different direct no matter how hard you work.

Spiritual Healing

In contrast to black magic, spiritual healing is a practice to restore body health and mental freshness. There are various ways of spiritual healing, and it is not restricted to a specific community. Almost all religions and customs have a place of spiritual healing tradition in them. In some cultures, the use of supernatural powers is also linked with spiritual healing. The purpose of spiritual healing is to restore the body's condition without leaving a negative effect on the body.

In Christian denominations, apart from using anointing oil with water, prayer from Gods was also a part of spiritual healing. In Islam, the common practice is reciting a few specific verses from the Quran for the cure. One thing common to all sorts of spiritual healing is to touch the body of a person at head and shoulder. Spiritual healing is not an art that can be learned, it is God gifted ability, and not everyone possesses that. A pure soul is required to carry out spiritual healing.

Can Spiritual Healing Remove Black Magic Spell?

Black Magic it the reality, and we cannot deny the fact, so if you feel any symptoms of black magic on you, it is the time to protect yourself from its harms. Not only an individual who is cursed with black magic but the person who has done black magic on someone both needs spiritual healing. It is a time taking process combining the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual purification process. The toxins are eliminated from the body to purify it as a whole.

A healthy mind keeps the body healthy too. It all starts with connecting the mind and body. To remove black magic spiritual healing undergoes these steps;

  • Removing Black Magic Spell: The first necessary step in spiritual healing is to remove the curse from the individual. Every custom has its own tradition of removing spells. Some people keep an amulet around them to remove the spells. While some take a bath in saltwater with magic herbs (a pinch of salt, hyssop, basil, Mugwort, patchouli, vetiver, wormwood), in some cultures, burning the chilli while crossing over someone head also remove the black magic spell. The religious scholar recites verses from Holy Book to remove the spell.
  • Bring Positivity: A negative person falls an easy prey to black magic. You need to bring positive energy to remove the black magic curse on you. It is possible by changing your company and the way you spend a life. Take laughter therapy to feel good.
  • Eat healthily: A healthy body has a healthy mind. So, keep your diet balanced with vegetables, fruits. Meat is not prohibited, but eating one kind of food is not fit for the body.
  • Take proper sleep: The right amount of sleep is essential for a healthy mind. Sleepless nights divert the mind easily. If you are facing difficulty in sleeping, listen to some good music or some spiritual sayings.
  • Involve yourself in charities: Charities are always a way to purify your body and wealth. If you have wealth, share it with those who need it. This will bring peace and satisfaction to you. Apart from that, it also purifies your wealth.
  • Practice meditation: Meditation is, no doubt, effective therapy to take toxic feelings out of mind. Whether you want to perform meditation in the evening or morning, it leaves a positive impact on the body.

With all these practices, the body can get rid of the black magic spell. But you also need to realize that good and evil forces are always present around us and trying to overcome use. It depends on us whether we fall prey to evil forces, or choose our path towards the good ones.

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