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Thick Yellow Toenails - Remedies and Prevention

Author: Mike Smith
by Mike Smith
Posted: May 19, 2020

Yellow thick nails is a sure sign of a toenail fungus. Thousands of people develop fungus and are left searching for plausible remedy. Fortunately several remedies exist which work to treat your fungus.


It's a good indication you have toenail fungus if your toenail are becoming a discolored yellow, black, or brown. Nails may also thicken and fog up. They are usually brittle as well and can easily chip or crack. You may also experience a slight smell coming from under the nail. Sporadic pain might be felt while putting weight on the toe.

Understanding Prevention

It's important to understand how you developed your toenail fungus because when you finally do cure your fungus you'll want to make sure you never get it back!

Fungus often develops when the toes are exposed to moist places for a prolonged period of time. A sweaty sneaker still not dry from yesterday might cause it. Tight fitting sweaty shoes further compound risks of getting toenail fungus. Public pool areas and showers are also a common place where you can get infected. If you go to these places make sure you wear sandals whenever possible. Another more common method of getting toenail fungus is by cutting your toenails too short. By doing this you might cause small cuts on the toe leaving it open for possible infection.

Fungus Treatments

Prescription medications should be avoided. These ingested medications are filled with toxins that harm other areas of the body. Liver damage can often be the result of taking these drugs. Not to mention these pills are expensive and often ineffective.

Over the counter medications tend to not work as well either. They fail to deliver treatment to the direct source of the problem because they aren't fully absorbed into the toe. My site yellow sneakers men

The best treatment I found was by gently filing my thick yellow toenails after taking a warm shower. The shower made them easier to file. Then I dipped my infected nails in beer for about 30 minutes per treatment twice a day. After the beer soak I applied a natural topical treatment. Within about two weeks I started seeing results.Are you searching for trendy and classy footwear? Are you interested in chic and stylish sneakers? The best shoes to create waves worldwide are Radii. Launched in 2008, the boisterous collection of sneakers and joggers has attained a lot of prominence, especially among the young users. There are few factors which have ensured the constant and sustained popularity.

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