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20 Myths and facts about hair extensions

Author: Amy Santiago
by Amy Santiago
Posted: May 26, 2020

On a bad day, hair extensions are an absolute blessing! Simply, clip in the extensions for luscious and stunning hairdo in a matter of minutes. Easy to wear and easy to take off, clip in the hair is perfect for a quick transformation. Why wait for your hair to grow when you have extensions to give you instant length? Have the freedom to enjoy long and short hair any day! Fix a bad haircut without crying a river! Fulfill your deepest desire to try out new hair colors without damaging your hair! From brunet, blond to curly and straight, there is a wide range of extensions available for various hair types, colors, and textures. It is a product that can be catered to everybody’s personal needs!

Hair extensions have become the most convenient and cost-effective way to get incredible hairstyles. Nevertheless, a lot of us are still skeptical about extensions. This hesitation has kept us from exploring the wonders of clip in hair.

To help you leap, we are going to debunk the top 20 myths about clip in hair extensions and set the facts straight!

  1. 1. Hair extensions are expensive

Salon treatment can be expensive for quite a lot of us. This reason alone makes us believe that hair extensions fall under the luxury category. Although, this would have been true a few years ago when hair extensions were only used by celebrities. Now the popularity of hair extensions has risen and people have taken notice. Insta Length hair extensions in India provide synthetic hair extensions that are reasonably priced for everyone’s needs. On the other hand, real hair extensions could still be a bit pricey. But buying hair bundle deals can save your money.

  1. 2. Hair extensions can damage your hair

Everything has pros and cons. For clip in hair, the pros outweigh its cons. Extensions will only damage your hair if you do not maintain it properly. It is like brushing, if you brush too hard then you’ll have hair fall and breakage. It is all about maintenance. Follow the correct regimen while using extensions and stop damaging your hair.

  1. 3. Hair extensions are high maintenance

Learn, practice, and perfect the art of styling hair extensions. Once you get the hold on clipping extensions to your hair, you won't need professional help at all. Trying it out when you have time will save you money for regular salon visits.

  1. 4. Hair extensions won’t blend with your natural hair

The main usage of clip in hair is to ramp up your looks. This means your extensions will be colorful and quite noticeable. Besides, if you want extensions to match your natural hair then it can be professionally treated for a flawless finish.

  1. 5. Hair extensions will prevent hair growth

Apart from making your hair look longer, thicker, and beautiful. Clip-in hair doesn't halt the growth of your hair at all.

  1. 6. Hair extensions are uncomfortable

You won’t feel skillfully attached extensions! It’s like tying your hair.

  1. 7. Hair extensions have a questionable source

Real hair extensions are either donated or bought by a salon. Nobody uses chopped off hair from the floor!

  1. 8. Hair extensions are only for special events

You can look fabulous any day, why wait for events! Nobody is stopping you.

  1. 9. Hair extensions are only used for one style

Curl, color, and straighten extensions in any style with the right products! You will save your natural hair from any kind of accidental damage.

  1. 10. Hair extensions cannot be replaced

The clips of your extensions can be replaced easily. Simply, remove the damaged one and sew in a new clip! Quick and easy!

  1. 11. Hair extensions are heavy

You have the power to control the extension’s weight. Clip-in less or more, it is your choice!

  1. 12. Hair extensions are unsuitable for an active lifestyle

Clipped in the hair is an extension of your natural hair. When celebrities and athletes use it in their daily lives then why shouldn’t you?

  1. 13. Hair extensions are painful

They are as harmless as a bobby pin. Use it correctly to keep yourself safe!

  1. 14. Hair extensions can cause hair fall

Unless you pull out your extensions without removing the clips then you might experience hair loss.

  1. 15. There are only long hair extensions

Hair extensions are available in all lengths, colors, and textures.

  1. 16. Hair extensions cannot be washed

Hair extensions can be washed with a sulfate-free shampoo and must be dried with cold air.

  1. 17. Hair extensions cannot be cut

Trim any breakage or split ends that you notice on your extensions. Proper maintenance is important for the best results.

  1. 18. Attaching hair extensions take time

No, it does not. Clipping on hair can be done in a matter of minutes. Even less with help from a friend!

  1. 19. Hair extensions will fall off easily

Clip-in hair is sturdy and can remain on your hair even after a marathon!

  1. 20. Hair extensions are only for women

Extensions are for all people regards of their gender, age, sex, color, and ethnicity. There is no discrimination when it comes to it!

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