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Reasons Why Log Homeowners Love Metal Roofing

Author: John Pollock
by John Pollock
Posted: May 21, 2020

A metal roof may seem like an odd choice for a log home since the metal roof has a modern look and a log cabin has a rustic look. Although these two materials seem at odds with one another, many feel that the rustic style of a log home coupled with the ultra-modern metal roof creates a striking contrast. There are many reasons why a metal roof is the most popular roofing option for log homeowners.

Metal Roofs Are Rustproof

In the past, using building materials that contain iron was a poor option because iron tends to rust. Fortunately, thanks to modern technology rust is no longer a problem with today’s metal roofing products. Now the steel used in metal roofing has a corrosion-resistant metallic coating to repel water and prevent the formation of rust. This makes the roof weather resistant and helps preserve the metal roof making it very durable and cost efficient since there is very little upkeep required.

Metal Roofs Maintain Impact Resistance

Metal roofs are not only strong they are also lightweight. Their strength-to-weight ratios help them retain their high impact resistance for many years. This increases the metal roofing systems durability by providing protection against inclement weather such as hailstorms.

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Metal Roofs Closely Resemble Traditional Materials

There is a misconception that metal roofing products can only be used on modern homes. Metal roofs can be used on rustic homes as well. When it comes to metal roofs there are many options available. Some of these metal roofing options can mimic the look of traditional roofing materials. You can choose from smooth vertical seam panels, metal shingles that imitate asphalt, slate, or wood.

Metal Roofs Offer Passive Solar Design Features

The high R-value of real wood in a log home coupled with the reflective properties of a metal roof provide a passive solar home design making it extremely energy efficient. A metal roof reflects the sun’s heat away from the roof’s surface keeping the interior cool and comfortable. This reduces the amount of energy used to cool your home.

It is easy to see why so many people choose a metal roof for their log home, Peak Perfection Contracting offers the highest quality products and services to meet your metal roofing needs. We provide many other roofing options as well. You can choose from other options such as asphalt shingles or tiles. Our team of experts will ensure a flawless installation. To learn more, please give us a call at. We serve residents of Longview, Texas and the surrounding area.

With the Peak Perfection ongoing residential roof maintenance program, you can relax and have peace of mind knowing your new roof is in good hands. Peak Perfection will provide you with documentation on the performance of your new roof throughout the life of your East Texas roof. Peak Perfection will take pictures at each inspection along with filling out a roof inspection sheet, all these things will be uploaded to your SSA client portal. Once in your client portal, you will always have a record of the service your new roof is giving you. This can also be very beneficial when selling your home for your potential buyer.

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