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Heat Sink Paste manufacturer

Author: Nimble Group
by Nimble Group
Posted: May 22, 2020

Heat sink paste is a very high heat conductive paste that is used between two objects to get better heat conduction. It fills in all those microscopic imperfections on the heatsink and heat source interface that can trap air in them and cause a loss in the heatsinks performance.

Heat sink paste isnecessary because it fills in the microscopic imperfections that otherwise trap air particles between the heat source and the heatsink, preventing it from properly cooling. Not using heat sink paste between the heat source and the heat sink will cause it to eventually overheat and fail. The only thing that it has to actually do is fill up all the small holes in between the contact of the heat source and the heatsink.

Heat sink are usually chunks of metals, securely fixed against the device needing cooling, thus conducting the heat away from the device, into the metal, which then has many fins, which then dissipate that heat into the air, sometimes the air is assisted by a fan, to make a lot of air pass over those fins and take away all that heat. The internal Silicon parts must not be heated or they will be damaged. So use of heat sink paste is very important Not using heat sink paste between the source and the heat sink will cause it to eventually overheat and fail. This may not happen straight away but it will happen and in a much shorter time than if you use the heat sink paste.

Only way to find out if the heat sink paste is still doing its job is when it's still keeping the consistency of the temperature of not going way too hotter than usual. So, heat sink paste must be compatible with MOC of heat sink. Heat sink paste must have excellent thermal conductivity at ambient temperature and must be directly proportional with heat generated in the system. Higher the thermal conductivity higher the heat flow thus higher the life of equipment.

Good-quality heat sink paste might last somewhat longer, maybe up to four years. The heat sink paste normally does not get hard and it can stay sticky for years. But there are a lot of other factors which may affect the final product of heat sink paste. It depending on the chemicals used in the making of the compound which may dry over the years, and not the heat sink paste.

Heat sink paste plays important role in performance of the system. It doesn't matter much which type of heat sink paste you use with regards to cooling. The difference between products is maybe 1-2C. Heat sink paste must take out the entire heat generated in the system very effectively. Heat sink paste must have resistance to temperature cycles. It should not melt in the system or not initiate the self-heating.

There are certain types of heat sink paste to avoid. Some almost act like a glue and bond with interfaces, making it nearly impossible to separate them. Also heat sink paste should not dried till the life of the equipment. Using such type paste should be avoided. Heat sink paste must have higher constant consistency.

The point of heat sink paste is to provide a medium to increase the thermal conductivity between your source and the base of the heatsink. If you put too much, it actually acts as an insulator, which is the exact opposite of what you want. In the worst-case scenario, you can overheat and damage components.

Nimble Heat sink paste

We had designed specialty heat sink pastefor various applications. Our heat sink paste are designed considering the needs of application based on amount of heat generated in the system, thermale quilibrium, rate of heat transfer, thermal conductivity, temperature in the system.

Heat sink pastes designed & manufactured by us are used by various electronic equipments manufacturers for different applications. Apart from application requirements while designing heat sink pastes,we had consider & put on the priority EHS parameters. Our heat sink pasteis safe to use whether it’s indoors or out door applications. Our heat sink paste can be used without gloves. Even in long term use its non harmful to human skin.

Heat sink paste manufactured by us are absolute free from VOC. Nimble heat sink pasteis so safe that it can be used in closed or air-conditioned rooms.

eat sink paste manufactured by us are free from ozone depleting compounds and has excellent resistance to oxidation,can with stand high temperatures. Drop point of Nimble heat sink paste are very high which ensures our customers for maximum safe limits within design parameters. According customer & applications requirement we had designed heat sink pastewith varying viscosities. Some applications needheat sink paste with lower viscosities so it can be applied by screen printing. We have heat sink pastewith higher viscosities in the range of 600 – 1100 Poise.

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Heat sink compound (also called thermal grease, thermal compound, is a sticky paste that's used as an interface between Cpu heat sinks and heat sources

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