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Tips to choose best cbse school for your child for better future

Author: Greenwood Schools
by Greenwood Schools
Posted: May 23, 2020

For every parent, they always worry about their children’s education, and to provide them quality education is their major priority. Hence, choosing a CBSE school that provides quality education, infrastructure, and values is very parent search for. There are many educational institutes that may provide quality education but it might be pretty expensive. But every parent wants their child to educate in the top schools. But with the many options, available parents will be confused to choose among.

Best CBSE affiliated schools in Warangal have some best factors and advantages that make us choose a CBSE school. So, here are some tips to choose from the best CBSE schools in Warangal.

What to Look for in a School?

Distance: we need to find a school that is near to our residence. This will help our child to reduce the long-distance journey stress to and from school. And it is also easy for ourselves to reach the school if there are any emergencies occurs.

Fees: Fees are one of the important aspects of choosing a school for a child. Many parents think that expensive school would provide the best education. But in some small schools with fewer fees, it can also provide a good education. We have to consider the fee structure while choosing a CBSE school.

Activities and Curriculum: Activities and curriculum are some of the most important aspects of choosing a school. When choosing among the top 5 CBSE schools in Warangal we have to go through the curriculum and activities that they provide. The curriculum helps our children to develop their capabilities and interest in education.

The ratio of Teachers: while choosing a school we should consider the teacher to student count. If one teacher is assigned with 50 students then it may not be good. In this scenario, the teacher will not be able to give proper attention to the students. So we have to choose a school which assigns a teacher to not more than 30 students in his or her class.

Environment and Infrastructure: while joining our children in a school we have to make sure that the school is in a good environment along with a good infrastructure. Good infrastructure means a good school. The school should be clean and they have to follow proper hygiene rules and also inculcating the same into the students. We have to check the environment and infrastructure of a school.

Teaching Methods: Do visit the school to know the teaching method used by the school. It is very important that a school uses innovative methods to keep their students engaged with the learning process.

Do Your Research and Apply

While we are searching and shortlisting the Top 5 schools in Telangana for our children, we have to do our homework about the schools that we can afford. If we choose a school, we have to do some groundwork. We have to make sure that we should admit our child until and unless it fits the children’s needs. We can also take feedback from people who know about the school.

While you are shortlisting the school for your children, make sure you have done your homework. Do some research work on the school that you have chosen. You would not want to enroll your children in a school that is not fit for your children’s needs. You can ask around for the school feedback.

Here is a list of questions that we can use to enquire about the school.

What are students do after they studied in CBSE school and about the method of education do they provide?

What the opinion of the parents about the school?

We can ask about the reputation of the school.

Do the school involve the parents?

We can ask about the curriculum and do the students can cope up with it?

What kind of values do they teach to their students in the course?

We have to be ready with multiple schools in or around our area that fit our child’s requirements and we can see for CBSE residential school if we want to send them for long-distance.

These are the points that we should consider before choosing a school

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