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Top Reasons to Wear Wrist Wraps When Deadlifting

Author: Willie Baldwin
by Willie Baldwin
Posted: May 23, 2020

For many fitness enthusiasts, workout at the gym has become a regular pastime around the world as the number of gyms and fitness centers have skyrocketed over the last few years and become more inclusive and not just confined to bodybuilders. Nowadays people sign up for gym membership for staying healthy, improving their fitness level, and more inclined to get an athletic or muscular body. But, the truth is working out consistently is not a cakewalk. It is very crucial to maintain the proper form and using the right equipment to avoid any injury. This holds for exercises that cause massive strain when doing in the wrong way. A deadlift is one such exercise when executed properly helps in increasing the core strength than all other weightlifting exercises. However, the major downside is there is a high risk of injury if you are performing the exercise in a wrong way. So, for avoiding any injury, wrist wraps for deadlifting come to the rescue thereby allowing you to do this exercise at ease without any fear of injury.

The wrist wraps provide you extra support in your wrists and also provide improved grip strength and make a little bit convenient to lift heavyweights. It is quite common that while working out hands become sweaty or you are not using a strong grip for complementing your strong muscles like core and legs. If your grip is weak, then you are not giving your full potential, so using a wrist wrap that helps in improving your grip strength leads to a better workout as well as getting extra support in wrists. The wraps will stick to your wrists and will not give out quickly when performing heavy deadlift sets.

Why wearing wrist wraps for deadlifting is a must

As discussed above having a poor grip and wrist strength lead to average performance that ultimately will not allow you to grow stronger. The ideal time for wearing wrist wraps is when you require the extra wrist support and grip strength, like when you want to lift heavier than you used to do. That very moment when the wrists give in to the weight, but your body has not collapsed due to exhaustion is the perfect timing to wear the wraps. This does not mean that you will not be wearing for lighter weights, as the wrist wraps are mainly used for preventing injuries. Very common injuries that result from deadlifting are bicep tears, rotator cuff strain, pulled hamstring and glutes, wrist flexor strain, and lower back strains. Deadlifting can lead to these injuries since all of these muscles are in motion as you are doing the exercise. But at the same time, this is an amazing workout when you are performing it correctly and helps in improving your arm strength, leg strength, and core strength. More importantly, you should have the proper form and must wear protective gear when needed or if you are comfortable wearing it.

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