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How Do You Lift Flagstone With An Ease?

Author: Pave Tech
by Pave Tech
Posted: May 24, 2020

When you are working at a hardscape construction site, the most important task you shall have to do would be the handling of the pavers, stones, slabs, and other concrete materials. These paving stones and slabs are what form the foundation of the entire hardscape structure. So, you need to handle them well and you shall have a lot to work around the site with these materials. You shall have to lift them, carry them, and move them around the entire construction site.

Basically, the paver stones, slabs, and other concrete materials are delivered at a different site than the installation site and then they have to be taken to that site for the placement and installing to build the paver and other hardscape structures. However, all these pavers and stones are extremely large and heavy and lifting them could be very difficult, especially if you are working with flagstone. So, how do you lift flagstone with ease? This is what we are going to tell you in this article.

Lifting Heavy Paving Stones With Ease

Earlier, the hardscape stones and pavers used to be hand lifted as they were small and light. But with the emerging needs for designs and layouts, the structure of these stones and pavers changed drastically, they became heavy and larger. And with this change, there was also need for the changes in the ways they are lifted and handled. And these changes did come.

With the emerging technology in the hardscape industry, many hardscape tools and techniques came for the handling of the pavers. However, these were still manual tools, the pavers had to be loaded in these tools, and then you could move the loaded pavers. This made the job quite easier, however, more ease was needed. And this ease came with the new suction technology tools.

These paver suction tools use the power of air compressors and vacuums to lift and install the pavers. They come with suction plates that directly go over the flagstone and then the air compressor that is connected to the suction plate creates a vacuum on the attached pavers. This vacuum makes the flagstone extremely light and then you can lift them with extreme ease. Moreover, besides lifting the flagstone, you can install them in place as well.

So, with the use of such suction technology paver lifting tools, you can easily lift and install the flagstones as well as the other paving stones, slabs, and other concrete material. Now the question is what are such suction technology tools that you can use?

Well, there are many such tools that you can use. The most useful of them is an AIRLIFT BASE KIT. This comes as a complete kit with an air compressor, suction plates, and a one-man T-handle. Also, you can use a STONEMAGNET which serves a similar usage.

However, these are high-end tools and you need to learn their usage with proper hardscaping training. You can take specific paver installation courses as well for learning the usage of these tools. So, with these tools, you can lift the flagstones with ease and install them perfectly as well.

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