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6 Tips that Help When Your Automatic Gate Breaks Down

Author: Aaron Gray
by Aaron Gray
Posted: May 25, 2020

See these common electric gate problems and how to fix them; automatic gate repair tips you can easily use.

Automatic gates have sophisticated systems that literally weather the storms, heatwaves, freezing cold, and debris that pound them around the clock. So, it is only natural that once in a while, you'll find your electric gate not working as it should.

Electric gate troubleshooting can be as simple as clearing any debris on the surface of the gate’s track.

It can also be as sophisticated as fiddling with the automatic gate’s intercom, hold open switch, main PCB, or broken hinges.

Here are six troubleshooting and automatic gate repair tips for finding out the problem and fix it like a pro.

Warning: The electricity in automatic gates can be dangerous when mishandled. If you have any doubts about electrical devices, call your gate repair technician right away to protect yourself and your loved ones from any accidents.

That addressed, here are your tips.

1. The electric gate won't open at all

There are two main reasons for this issue.

First: a power outage.

Second: a disconnect in power supply through the system.

So, take these actions:

  • See if the main PCV has been knocked out.
  • Observe if there’s any physical damage to components of the system, including if the gate has come off its track.
  • Squeeze or click the safety edges of your gate to cure jamming.
  • If the electricals are in good condition and there’s a constant power supply, test to see the gate opens manually by hand (after engaging the safety key, of course).
2. Gate won't open or close automatically—it is stuck on manual mode

Automatic gates use microwave beam sensors to detect motion nearby and open or close. So if you can open the gate manually by hand it could be:

  • There are insects, dust, or debris inside the dark spaces on and around the sensors, so check that out.
  • Replace your gate opener remote batteries and test again. Still doesn’t work? Call your automatic gate repair service.
3. Electric gate making noise

Whether you have an electric swing gate or automated sliding gate, this typically happens for one or more of three reasons:

  • Your gate opener mechanism has worn out parts that are grinding into each other and need immediate replacement.
  • The gate's track is not flat, is bent, or is damaged, and so the gate leaves are grinding against it
  • Poor gate posts or hinges, causing the gate to grind against the ground

Check on all three and see if you need to replace, lubricate, or repair anything.

4. The electric gate keeps opening and closing

This will usually happen when the gate’s hold open switch or time clock is faulty.

That will require checking in the intercom’s LED display or check the gate’s manual to notice if there are signs of permanent start in the main PCB.

Only get to the mains if you are electronically competent.

5. Automatic gate not working after rain

Observe if the gate opening components are well-drained or are sitting in pools of water.

See if your cabling is rotting. Swing gates use flexible cables that rot if buried directly in the ground.

From your gate’s manual, see if you have the right gel-filled connectors in place—or if they are the problem so you can gel or replace them.

6. Only work with a licensed automatic gate repair company

For any automatic gate installation, maintenance, or repairs you can’t handle with proficiency, invest in using a professional gate repair technician.

If the problem persists after trying these tips, call your local, experienced, and licensed automatic gate repair company right away to check the start signaling mechanism, main PCB, and more areas.

Remember, a faulty automatic gate is a security threat even during the day, according to a 2017 Crime in the US report by the FBI, so act immediately.

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