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10 Great Cabinet Ideas for a Farm House Modern Kitchen

Author: Umer Adnan
by Umer Adnan
Posted: May 22, 2020
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Farmhouse kitchen décor is now among the top trending items on Pinterest and we're not surprised! Picking out designs for a farmhouse kitchen is easy but actually bringing the whole thing to life may prove to be quite challenging, as it has to be the perfect amalgamation of elements that define functionality but look rustic!

Cabinet Ideas for Designing a Farm House Kitchen

Here are some tried-and-tested cabinet design ideas to spruce up your kitchen in a totally trendy and elegant way.

1. Classic off-white kitchen cabinets:

Classic off-white style is the go-to farm house look modern kitchen cabinets that impress one and all! The off-white color makes the kitchen look spacious and airy and if your kitchen is not that big, this is your best solution to create the illusion of a large one! Pair them with a wooden countertop and you get a cozy feel as well! You could also accentuate the look with either metal or golden touches and voila, you've got the kitchen of your dreams!

2. Victorian Cabinets

Victorian Cabinets are another old-school yet fashionable idea that clicks every time you try it! Hand-scraped hardwood boards are the way to go- for the perfect fusion of Victorian romance and modern elegance! Now all you need is an oversized sink and the Victorian style farmhouse modern kitchen is ready!

If you don’t want to go overboard and just want a Victorian tinge to the kitchen, then just add white countertops and you're done! But if you feel like going OTT with the Victorian theme, then you can also add in a pressed tin ceiling, which is both a beauty to look at and durable.

3. High contrast cabinets with a black accent

If you want your farmhouse modern kitchen to be both charming and low-maintenance, then this is the best way to do it. While the milk-white cabinets give the kitchen a roomy appearance, the black countertops add the ultimate modern twist to it! Another major plus point of this style is its functionality. It effectively hides the grime and stains and you do not need to bother about deep cleaning the kitchen every time guests come over!

4. Tuscan kitchen with a modern twist

The key elements of a Tuscan style kitchen are natural wood and metal which bring in warm and intimate vibes in the kitchen. The cabinets can all be made of dark wood or you can have an even mix of white cabinets and wooden ones. The upper cabinets can be wooden and open-faced, with crockery and cutlery providing the required metal accent. You can finish off with a tinge of color here and there, maybe in the form of fruits or flowers.

5. Grey and White with a tinge of black!

Another favorite style of Pinterest boards, the white cabinets is the ultimate farmhouse look modern kitchen cabinets, and they make the whole place look voluminous and airy. And guess what adds to this capacious illusion? The light grey marble countertops! Now to complement the white and give the look more depth and intimacy, give your shiplap and floor tiles a dark shade, preferably pitch black!

6. Unfinished and Vintage Farmhouse Cabinets

This idea may not be unique but it is quite a departure from regular farmhouse kitchen cabinet styles. The roughly polished wood and the incomplete paint give the kitchen cabinets a quirky, yet authentic feel. Use butcher's block for the countertops and you've given your farmhouse modern kitchen a charming rustic look, without using any of the usual features.

7. Mint Style Kitchen Cabinets

Though it is typical of the French countryside, the USA and the rest of the world are yet to take good full advantage of this breezy, yet classic look. The lower cabinets have a mint coat and copper accents in the form of drawer pulls and doorknobs. The upper cabinets are usually open-faced or have a glass door, adding the rustic charm to the kitchen.

8. Blue Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

If you feel white is too mainstream, you could go for blue kitchen cabinets. They make the room feel spacious and emit beach vibes. The upper cabinets should ideally be open-faced so that the ceramics and glassware can be seen. The crockery and the wooden countertops provide the warmth and coziness required in a family farmhouse kitchen.

9. White and Olive Green Kitchen Cabinets

Olive green and off-white is the combination that will give your farmhouse look modern kitchen cabinets the perfect blend of class and warmth. While the olive-green provides intimacy, the white brings the roomy feel. And to give uniformity to this blend of colored cabinets, add metal accents all over the kitchen.

10. Metallic Rolling cabinets with crates for storage

This design is the most unique of the lot, but this holds a lot of potential to be remodeled over the years according to the user's taste! The repurposed crates and rolling carts provide the quirk. To balance this out, you can use milk-white upper cabinets and polished marble countertops which are inexpensive, unique and cozy!

Your farmhouse kitchen will be the witness to your most memorable family moments over time. Hence it has to be the perfect blend of cozy, roomy and chic! And this guide is for you to pick and choose your personal style.

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