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Why A White Label Website Builder Can Be So Useful To A Company

Author: Ehtesham Ghaffar
by Ehtesham Ghaffar
Posted: May 25, 2020

A lot of people have heard about software as a service (SaaS) and their inherent benefits, but when it comes to using a white label website builder, they are often left in the dark. This is unfortunate, as these kinds of websites can be much easier to work with. It's not uncommon for a number of the leading SaaS businesses to use white label builders to create their websites, but that's certainly not the only reason.

One of the reasons many companies choose a website builder is because they offer a way to build their websites on their own, without needing a web designer or developer. This means that the company doesn't have to pay any fees or pay someone else to do what they are already capable of doing themselves. Of course, this also means the company doesn't have to hire a developer or designer, which obviously costs money. Many people don't realize how much money a professional can cost, especially if you've only got time on your hands.

If you're building a website on your own, you have complete control over the appearance of the pages. The beauty of having full control over the look and feel of your website is that you can change all of that without spending a single cent. You can change headers, pages, and even the overall look of the whole site, including adding new widgets, tables, and animations.

A popular online business, eBay, has been using this method for years. Instead of relying on an external developer, they have built the majority of their own websites. Using a tool like a white label website builder allows eBay to keep their costs low, while creating unique websites for each of their categories, allowing them to focus on building quality listings instead of building cookie-cutter websites.

This is very different from most other websites out there, where a designer will often times try to get you to buy them time. With this method, a company can ensure that they only build websites when they're ready, meaning that they can design their own website, manage it themselves, and be 100% confident that it looks exactly the way they want it to. Many companies prefer this type of approach over hiring a designer for a client, especially when they feel as though their creativity is more than well taken care of by the tool itself.

A website builder allows a company to control what's going on with their site and make it look exactly how they want it to. This is very different from the position a designer is in. With a designer, the developer is usually taking requests, which means they're responsible for everything on a website.

While this may seem like a great position for a company, a lot of companies don't know how to handle this properly. The first problem is simply that a designer is supposed to know everything about the company. While they may have a high level of understanding, a website is not a one-off project. A lot of time and effort is spent creating layouts, colors, and so on, so a designer needs to be able to oversee the whole process.

Another benefit is that, with a website builder, the company can add custom widgets and animations, which means that the company can build websites in full control, without having to rely on a developer. The result is a website that is fully functional, yet looks completely different than anything the company has put together in the past. A designer oftentimes believes that they can "do it all" and that they'll get it right the first time. They simply aren't aware of the advantages of using the software as a service (SaaS) company.

White Label Website Builder by WebTwisty is a little more than that. It allows you to develop your own website builder company under your own branding, means you will be the owner of a website builder company. You may develop unlimited websites for yourself, and your clients can also create unlimited websites through your website builder, of course you will charge them for using your platform. Set your own pricing through your own pricing plans and manage your clients with ease, you will have full control over everything related to it.

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