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List of Best U.S. Universities for Chinese Students

Author: Zara Huang
by Zara Huang
Posted: May 29, 2020
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China is coming fast. Not just in the economy. The U.S. campus life is now becoming more Chinese. More and more Chinese students are opting for U.S. freedom over more restricted options at home. This is a short guide on the best U.S. universities for Chinese students.Columbia University – New York City, NY

This is one of the largest universities in the U.S. By many accounts, Columbia University is among the top US universities with most Chinese students. Over 2013-2020, the international student population at CU has grown at 10.4% with Chinese students largest at 5,228 students. One of U.S. most diverse universities (at 10, 926 international students), CU is a great melting pot for Chinese students. This is a double edge since students can connect to natives yet also adapt to more cultures while studying. For more about Chinese students at CU, offers great information.

This List: The Methodology

Chinese students in the U.S., and how many Chinese students in the U.S., are important to decide which universities suit which students. That’s why the current list accounts for how U.S. universities suit different Chinese student segments. For instance, Some universities, such as John Hopkins University, have large Chinese student bodies. This is a great boon for fresh entrants who need some initial guidance on academic and non-academic life. More, some universities, such as Purdue University, offer great learning experience – at fraction cost compared to Ivy League universities. So, numbers, diversity

and learning experiences inform the current list for Chinese

students studying or wishing to study in the U.S.


Johns Hopkins University – Baltimore, MD

This is not just an IVY league university. JHU is also just as diverse as Columbia, although a bit less so. More, JHU has a very active Chinese Students Association (CSA) promoting cultural awareness among and beyond Chinese students. Again, activities, cultural or not, are very important aspects at any given university. For Chinese students, largely conceived as "shy" or "reticent," CSA offers a combination of cultural adaptability and great learning exposures. In contrast to conventional international student advice, CSA immerses Chinese and non-Chinese students in different cultures and learning experiences. This is not to mention, of course, JHU’s global reputation as one of the world’s best research universities.

Princeton University

Third Ivy League member in the current list, Princeton University is a magnet for Chinese students. Having established a reputation in humanities and liberal arts, Princeton University offers wider options beyond STEM choices. True, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) have been major drivers for change in China in recent years. According to, China’s emergence as a global power requires more understanding of and exposure to the country’s cultural and artistic heritage. This is

where a Princeton University education comes in. In addition to STEM, more and more Chinese students will opt for world-class humanities and arts education.

Purdue University– West Lafayette, IN

Purdue University offers multiple benefits for Chinese students. In addition to lower tuition costs, Chinese students can join Purdue University has Purdue University Chinese Students and Scholar’s Association. Promoting extensive connections for Chinese Students, PUCSSA is a genuine cultural bridge between Chinese and non0-Chinese students and the wider community. Then again, Purdue University is not just about one student organization. The university has a longstanding reputation for quality education and, interesting, is first in the U.S. to have aviation school. The university’s settings are also a boon for Chinese students looking for a less hectic off-campus life compared to, say, New York.

Wrap Up

Chinese students are joining U.S. universities in scores. The options are almost limitless. This article offers a small list including Columbia University, John Hopkins University, Princeton University, and Purdue University. The list is informed by criteria of a Chinese student, diversity, and learning experiences.

About the Author

Bio: Zara Huang is a 55-year-old creative writer and editor from Seattle, WA who enjoys learning new languages. Currently she works with a firm Panda Scholar, a service that provides all kinds of English writing assistance for Chinese students.

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