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All about Caustic Recovery Plant

Author: Svaar Process
by Svaar Process
Posted: May 30, 2020

The global market is going through a bad situation and all industries are being affected. In a situation where competition is increasing with the economic downturn, one needs to think anew about the various opportunities for profit that are being overlooked in better times. One of the best ways is to save wastages from various resources and recovers it profitably wherever possible.

Caustic recovery plants are able to recover a very large amount of weak lye in reusable concentrated caustic soda (Strong lye). This can be reused in the process and reduces production costs in the textile industry.

Mostly, Caustic Recovery Plant used in Textile industry. But Professional Caustic Recovery Plant Manufacturer CRP to convert a large proportion of diluted caustic soda into useful concentrated caustic soda. This Caustic concentration can be used in many industries where dilute caustic is made because of washing. They keep some crucial factors in mind like Energy costs, Control, Reliability and Safety. This Caustic Recovery plant is very effective to recover caustic from the Waste material. They recover high Caustic, having a high purity level.

Caustic Recovery in Textile Industry

Mainly caustic soda used in the Mercerization process in Textile Industry. This process is similar to the finishing process where the huge volume of diluted caustic soda (weak lye) is a waste product of this process. The purpose of mercerization is to give strength, further reduction of luster, and increase the absorption of the fabric for dyeing in the next process for cotton fabric.

Caustic Recovery Plant Advantages
  • Recovery of caustic soda is done by evaporation, a fast-moving process.
  • The caustic recovery plant helps to reprocess caustic soda with the hot distilled water of the mercerizing machine. This helps in reducing water wastage by reducing the size of the wastewater treatment plant. The mercerizing process also helps to reduce the cost of treatment, hence also saves energy.

The caustic recovery plant designed and developed by Caustic Recovery Plant Manufacturer which is predominantly a multi-effect evaporation plant. In the process of caustic recovery, the caustic soda is re-concentrated by heating it in a heat exchanger. Further, when the lye reaches the evaporator, a significant amount of vapor is released as a result of water evaporation that eventually increases concentration.

Caustic Recovery Plant Manufacturer offered some features which are as follows:

  • Maximum recovery of caustic
  • Recovery of water from vapor condensate so that it can be reused
  • Energy efficient system
  • Less space Requirement
  • Less maintenance required
  • Minimum manpower needed as the system shall be fully automated
Applications: Caustic Recovery Plant

Caustic concentration has many applications in every industry where dilute caustic is formed due to washing and the concentrated liquor can be reused in various applications where caustic is reused are:

1. Knit Mercerizing

They have very few impurities such as size and starch, and hence the recycled caustic is also pure. The recycled caustic can be reused for a longer period before the cumulative impurities reach unacceptable levels.

2. Grey Mercerizing

Grey knit mercerizing has a lot of size in the weak liquor and thus the recycled caustic has to be replaced often say once in 15 days. The recovered caustic state viscous & lower gpl has to be conducted to make it usable. To maintain its gpl this recovered caustic has to be dossed again with fresh caustic.

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