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Are Socks The Cause of Your Ingrown Toenails?

Author: Adam Brown
by Adam Brown
Posted: May 31, 2020

Ill-Fitting shoes are the leading cause of ingrown toenails. Because of the tremendous pressure of your tight shoes and socks, you can get an ingrown toenail.

The symptoms of an ingrown toenail include:

  1. Pain when pressure applied to the toe.

  2. Buildup of fluid.

  3. The skin is becoming hard and tender around the toenail.

  4. It is swelling around the toenail.

  5. Infection can also occur in an ingrown toenail, which can cause pain, bleeding, oozing pus or redness and swelling around the toenail.

There are famous clinics for ingrown toenail removal surgery or ingrown toenail treatment in Baltimore. You can get your ingrown toenails treated from specialized surgeons at such clinics. It can be more likely that you can get an ingrown toenail if you have diabetes or numbness in legs. If your ingrown toenail is in the nascent stage, you can treat it at home, but if it is severe, you will have to see a specialist. Home treatments alone are not sufficient for your ingrown toenail. The primary cause of ingrown toenails is wearing tight socks and shoes, but ingrown toenail may also occur due to an injury. The specialist will do the physical examination and, if required, suggest an x-ray to find out how deep-rooted it is into the skin. When the toenail has a severe infection, then surgery becomes necessary. The ingrown toenail surgery will help to remove part or whole of the toenail. You should get the ingrown toenail removal surgery from a famous ingrown toenail surgery clinic to get safe and specialized treatment from experts.

Ingrown toenail surgery may include

  1. Partial Nail Removal

During partial nail removal, the surgeon applies a local anesthetic and cuts the nail straight, placing a piece of cotton between the nail and skin to prevent it from growing back into the skin.

  1. Total Nail Removal

If your ingrown toenail is severe, your surgeon may opt to eradicate it. Generally, in case of infection, the surgeon chooses to remove the entire toenail.

After the toenail removal surgery, the patient is advised to wear open-toed shoes and soak the feet daily in salt water until it heals. Prevention is always better than cure, and the patient should restrain from wearing tight socks or shoes to prevent ingrown toenails. By maintaining healthy foot care habits, we can prevent from getting any severe such condition. One should trim the toenails regularly and wear proper fitting shoes and socks.

You can also regularly visit a foot care specialist to prevent any problem.

In chronic diseases like diabetes, an ingrown toenail can remain unnoticed for too long, causing severe problems. It is, therefore, suggested to avoid wearing tight socks or shoes.

Ingrown toenails can be very harmful. You should become vigilant and get regular checks on your feet and toenails from specialists at a famous foot care clinic in Baltimore to prevent any complications.

If you are anxious about your ingrown toenail and want an ingrown toenail removal surgery, then you should register with a famous ingrown toenail removal surgery clinic in Baltimore like Podiatry Associates to get the best ingrown toenail treatment from foot care specialists at Baltimore. Such a specialist will give you the right guidance and treatment necessary for your ingrown toenail. il.

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