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A brief note of antique furniture and antique knobs

Author: Smart Web
by Smart Web
Posted: Aug 21, 2014

Antique furniture is something which is admired by everyone. These items carry a smell of history with them. Have you ever sat on an old easy chair? Or had the privilege to spend a night on an antique bed. If you have, then you must know that it gives a very special feeling to be in these items.

Relive the history

Antique furniture is different in their look and appearance. Though, the chair certainly looks like a chair or a table does not look like a bed, but is their style and design I am talking about. Old and antique furniture used to be much bigger in size and heavier too. They were usually made of superior quality of wood and invariably used to be handmade, unlike today. As you know, anything which is handmade is highly priced. The reason being, the labor that goes into manufacturing that item. Imagine, a group of carpenters making a king sized bed. They would do everything manually, from cutting the wood into pieces to polishing the bed. It would take a huge amount of time. Another reason is handmade items usually have finer finish than those made of machines. One of the add on which could be seen in any antique furniture, is the brass knobs. Vintage brass knobs are quite expensive and could be seen in the furniture which was used in the medieval. Besides, antique iron knobs are the common fixing tools used in antique furniture.

Antique furniture

If you are interested in old and vintage furniture, you can certainly get them from any antique shop. These furniture would certainly stand out among the small, and so called "modern designed" furniture. They would add that extra bit if spark to the entire d├ęcor of your room. Antique furniture needs no special care, except if only certain areas needs a bit of repairing or you may want to add a coating of color to it in order to restore its glow. Antique knobs, which were used in old furniture, could also be used in modern items. These knobs are made of heavy metal and they are quite big in size.

Antique furniture is certainly the items to go for. These items do not only gives your room a gorgeous look, but at the same time they allow you get the feel of history. You never know what incidents were connected to the piece of furniture which you are using.

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