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Lee Pro 4000 Press

Author: George Anderson
by George Anderson
Posted: Jul 01, 2020

Purchasing and rebuying ammunition is the biggest ongoing expense for competitive shooters and avid hunters. The Lee Pro 4000 Press is a safe and affordable way for shooting enthusiasts to load mixed range and brass ammunition. This press is ideal for shooters who like to save money while creating customized bullets, and recreating obsolete, rare, or otherwise unavailable ammunition types.

Reloading your own ammunition not only saves a considerable amount of money, it is also an enjoying and satisfying hobby for many shooting enthusiasts offering a sense of pride when using bullets that you have personally created.


Richard Lee began Lee Precision in his home workshop in Glendale, Wisconsin. In 1958, he invented the Lee Loader, a revolutionary modern marvel of machinery that allowed people to easily and safely load their own ammunition so they would not have to keep buying and rebuying. Soon after Lee added loaders for rifle and piston ammunition, expanding the reach of the reloading tool to over 1.5 million shooters throughout the country.

The first lathe-turned aluminum bullet molds, melters, and sizers were introduced in the 1970s, making the casting of bullets more precise and easier to load. Sometime after, Lee introduced the Lee Load-All for shotgun shells, changing the reloading approach for shooters with all ranges of experience and applications. The Lee Loader gathered an impressive following as users upgraded to using new presses and dies rolled out in the 1980s, leading to the unveiling of the Lee Turret Press and the incredibly popular Lee Pro 1000.

Over the years, Richard Lee and an impressive staff of industry specialists at Lee Precision worked hard to refine and improve the process, leading to the Lee Pro 4000 Press, which added a fourth operating stating to accommodate for factory crimping and post sizing applications. This press is now the safest, most effective, and most affordable reloading equipment on the market today.

Benefits of the Lee Pro 4000 Press

  • Easy carriage changeover in seconds, with no adjustments needed for primer size
  • Catches completed rounds in an attached bin
  • Manual case advancement automatically set up to 2-5/16" with longer cartridges
  • Automatic universal case feeder
  • Color-coded spline drive allows for quick change one of four breech lock bushings
  • Installs and adjusts various dies using a simple, user-friendly process
  • Ergonomically constructed roller handle with a wood grip
  • Auto case placer
  • Hex wrench for shell plate change and storage rack for tools included

Whether you are new to reloading or a veteran enthusiast, reloading is the way to go for a cost effective, sustainable hobby. For complete information on the Lee Pro 4000 Press and a vast catalog of reloading supplies, contact an industry leader that provides premium quality, affordable reloading products, equipment, and accessories. An impressive team of highly knowledgeable industry experts that provide cost-efficient solutions to your reloading needs.

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