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Social Dynamics and Communication Skills

Author: Ivalueplus Pvt Ltd
by Ivalueplus Pvt Ltd
Posted: Jun 04, 2020

Social Dynamics and communication skills

We have by this time marched into a contemporary world! Haven’t we? The extreme exposure to the practice of gadgets and increasing information because of that makes us more complex today. We are always anxious about our image in society and on social media. And, this concern, bounds to create sensitivity around in the way we act and communicate in the grander groups, our office, in our community, or on social media. And as we are humans, we get impacted by what others do and how they respond.

Social dynamics gets together and collate thoughts from Economics, sociology, social psychology and other disciplines. It basically deals with the fluctuations in society.While communication is an act of transmitting significances from one group to another through the use of mutually agreed signs. It is a standard way through which we share information.

With every passing day society around us is evolving and with this people around us are also transforming. Change in the sense that they are becoming more observant and vigilant. In order to get acclimate ourselves with these changes there is a need to ripen better communication skills. Listening is the most spirited part for developing the communication skills. Effective communication skills give you the ability to conduct with others on an interpersonal level. But we get disposed to run into trouble when our lines of communication get crossed. Misinterpretations ascend as a result of miscommunications. Communication at any time will involve a sender, a message, and a receiver. The form of message can take different forms, which is why we sometimes face difficulties construing what others are trying to communicate.

An effective communication skill accelerates ability to be perceived and understood. They also increase the self-assurance and self-esteem by endowing us to speak out. For effective communication skills, be aware of your form, Active listening and convey the message with confidence. And the social dynamics emphasis on individual level conduct and identify the importance of firm analytic results are often impossible. In contrast to more traditional approaches in economics, scholars of social dynamics are often interested in non-equilibrium or behavior. We can say that it is the actions of a person that is an outcome of his/her various interactions with individuals, group affiliates, neighbors, other interactions on social media, etc. Social dynamics emphasizes on individual conduct and its influence on individuals. In other words, social dynamics is an evolution in which people change to become more intellectual and accountable, leading to having a vigorous social life without the influence of egotism or rancor.

Communication is a two-way progression that empowers you to exchange your thoughts, notions, and opinions with each other. Communication has now become overbearing to flourish in the world of business. Social dynamics such as seminars, interviews and even conversations during networking call for excellent communication skills. Often, it is believed that one who can read well can write well as well. Likewise, one who is a good listener inclines to be a good communicator. Communication is not an obligation in the 21st century; it is proficiency or a skill.

Several kinds of communication skills are vital for social dynamics which are jotted below:

1. Verbal Communication

Verbal communication abilities are used in each and every single day in most communal situations. The manner in which you talk is a perception into your skills and your character or personality. When your sound confident, it leaves a great imprint on the other person. The skill of precision in speech, careful assortment of words, voice modulations, receptiveness, approachability and considering your audience will influence your communication personally as well as professionally. It is also essential to be able to coherent your opinions because that is the primary approach you will be expressing your opinions on social settings.

2.Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal or relational communication is another kind of communication indispensible in today’s world. Getting the correct equilibrium of verbal and non-verbal communication is inevitability in today’s world, no matter which setting you are in. On an individual level, it is essential to shape-up relationships with your family or the significant other. And in your professional life, interpersonal communication is required to exhibit your skills as a worthy employee and a virtuous leader. For instance, you are in a meeting where you gaze at your watch recurrently. This signals the counterpart that you might not be interested where you are and have something more important to catch up elsewhere.

3. Visual Communication

When it comes to mediums of communication, visual communication is the sturdiest medium in the existing times. For example, a robust logo is a prodigious approach for a brand to communicate with its supporters or clients. A great instance of visual communication is pop-ups while playing a game which shows the requirement of visual communication for an effective publicizing strategy in any business...

4. Listening

Apart from these three key modes of communication, listening is also an imperative way of communicating. For instance, in an interview, if a candidate does not listen to perceive the question properly, he/she won’t be able to answer it well. Hence, developing listening skills is a crucial aspect of refining your communication skills.

5. Formal/Informal Communication

When we further discuss about formal communication, it has an inordinate control on any organization/business. Reports, e-mails, proposals, etc., are used for formal communication and defines a professional work ethic. Informal communication, on the other hand, consents people to put forward their apprehensions, deliberate problems or solutions or bounce around inventive ideas. Communication when done informally considers the feeling of others and thus, is a vital part of all social situations.

Communication is an inexorable part of life, whether it is in a formal or an informal setting, in an office or at home. Navigating social dynamics involves a range of communication skills and this list will surely help you comprehend how to communicate in an enhanced, approach/

To make the social dynamics and communication skills more operative and effective one should consider the following significant points:

1.Sharpen the ability of Listening

As per the studies listening is a very competent and a must skill for the triumph of a business, still only two percent of business executives come under this group. This reveals the implication of having the knack of listening with an interpretation to be successful in an individual’s career.In today's business state, customer is the ruler. Every business showcases new panaches to cooperate and associate with customers using different channels like social media, to understand what the customers ponder about the organization’s product and what their expectations from it are. While interacting with your coworkers, managers and subordinates one should be completely focused.

2.Understand the Unspoken Words

While communicating there are certain unspoken words like in the form of signals, gestures, facial expressions, outlooks, emotions etc. that put crossways the intents of the individual easily. To comprehend with these unspoken words it aids to understand what the other person wants to say. In fact, these unspoken words are a fundamental part of social dynamics as it gives you a glimpse into the behavior and opinions of those who are communicating with you.

3.Be aware of the changing environment

The world around you is fluctuating continuously, and so are the people as every one of us are discovering ways and means to acclimate ourselves to these variations. With time, we identify that we have altered and adapted to the vagaries in our environment. Observing these changes can make it easier for you to come up with the accurate words while speaking to your colleagues and using the right signals and gestures to make them feel contented and comfortable with you.

Thus, refining your listening skills, accepting and understanding non-verbal communication and being mindful of the changes that take place inside of you and others as a reaction to the ups and downs in your environment, can help in building your career and being prosperous.

  1. Make eye contact and use gestures If an individual looks in the eyes of the individual to whom he/she is talking or listening to then this eye contact will help in making the interaction more interesting and successful because eye contact creates attention, passion and enthusiasm in the person to whom one is intermingling with.
  2. Look at Attitude and Feeling

The assertiveness, conduct & body language in an individual’s conversation puts a lot of inspiration on the subject of the dialogue. The abilities of honesty, peace, hopefulness, optimism, culture, etc. raise your temperament and develop your communication skills.


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