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5 Axis CNC Router: All You Need to Know

Author: Joe Crawford
by Joe Crawford
Posted: Jun 01, 2020
cnc router

A CNC machine is a great smart technology that helps cut materials in a variety of different forms and ways. This means that you can even make a doorknob with this machine or, otherwise, even engrave a design on any kind of material. Now with so many amazing working features that come along with using a CNC machine, one might not be aware of everything about it.

What we’re talking about here are the different types of CNC machines, from a mini CNC to a 4 axis CNC, etc. However, here we will be mainly focused on one highly beneficial type of CNC router, i.e. a 5 axis CNC router. Now if you aren’t well aware of what it is and how it works; don’t worry about it. Since we’re here to help you discover it in detail. So let’s go ahead, shall we?

What it is?

Just by the name of it, this CNC machine is all about moving all the cutting equipments together, across five separate axis. This complicated process helps to create extra detailed parts of anything; making it a perfect CNC machine for the use of more advanced needs, i.e. aerospace operations, etc. however, that’s not all that demands the use of this CNC router, since there is an increasing demand of skilled, fast and less difficult ways of completing these procedures.

And for this demand; this CNC router is mainly what everyone trusts to use. Other than all this, this type of CNC router also helps users to be sure that no cutting parts would collide or crash together; ensuring a more productive and long-lasting performance of it.

How is it Different from a Normal CNC Router?

So a normal CNC machine has only 3 axis named; X, Y, and Z, in the center of the machine. Hence, this 3 axis also limits the working of this machine to lesser than what a 5 axis one would offer. Now, since the 5 axis, one offers more functioning and cutting equipment; while it also includes the addition of 2 more rotating shafts which is combining with the already present axis.

Now for enhancing the technical requirements; the extra 2 axis is named as A and B, whereas, C is added with separate modes of motion for the users. Altogether, this enhances the working capacity of this 5 axis router, in comparison to what a normal CNC router would offer.

What do These Machines Consist Of?

Having a better understanding of all the forms that most of the 5 axis routers come with can be a great way to learn more about it. Now to help you figure it out, let’s point out all the forms of parts it comes with.

  • A double-swivel head
  • A drooping swivel-head
  • A double-swivel table
  • A droop table
  • A one-swing, one-rotate feature
How Many Types Do they Have?

Normally, there are 3 different types of 5 axis routers that are available in the market. These 3 types mostly come with the same functions, but some of their working and usage differs from the others. Now to understand this in detail for a clearer view; let’s go ahead and discuss them below.

Type 1: these types of machines are manufactured with a 5 axis apex, which means that their rotatory axis is located on the top of its head. Here the 5 axis apex doesn’t move and instead stays at a fixed position while going through the tables for holding the material in its place. These types of machines usually come in a design that makes limited movements by the rotatory axis while moving around particular pieces to produce large products. And the only extra moving feature in it is the tilt, which further comes with a design.

Type2: This machine’s both rotatory axis are placed differently while moving in different forms. This means that the rotary shaft axis located on the table moves freely. However, the revolving axis which is located on the head of the machine offers a movement of limited range. Yet, when it comes to utilizing the part on the rotatory axis; it might not produce a great number of items, but it’s still a better setup to use in comparison to the head – because it can constantly revolve and work without facing any limit hitting issue.

Type3: This machine consists of all rotary axis inside the table, along with a limited scope in there. Also, these machines have no limited range so they come with minimum work envelopes. This makes the working slow in comparison to other faster working machines.


Now that we’ve discussed most of what a 5 axis CNC router has to offer, there’s hardly anything more left to stay unfamiliar with on this topic. However, learning about a machine isn’t enough when it comes to buying one from any source.

Because finding a trusted and high-quality source can also be necessary as well as a complicated task. Therefore, going for high-quality manufacturers and sources like, is always the way to go for it.

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