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Rohit Sharma vs Virat Kohli

Author: Shreejit Thorat
by Shreejit Thorat
Posted: Jun 05, 2020

Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are among the greatest batsmen of this era. Rohit is one of the most successful openers while Virat is the most consistent batsman in the world. They both are the main pillars of the Indian cricket team. They have created and broken many records. They are among the top five major contributors in winning cause for India.

There is no doubt that both Rohit and Virat are the big match-winners. As an Indian fan, we support and appreciate both these players. But when it comes to IPL or individual performances, there is a rivalry among their fans. Who is better batsman among Virat and Rohit? is always a hot topic of debate between their fans. Here, we will try to analyze the answer to this question using Rohit Sharma vs Virat Kohli stats.

When it comes to ODI cricket, both seem to be standing at equal heights. The most important factor in ODIs is average, man of the match (MoM)awards, and the number of centuries. The average of Rohit is 49.27 while that of Virat is 59.34. Rohit has won 21 MoM awards while Virat has won a total of 36 MoM awards. Also, Virat has scored 14 centuries more than Rohit Sharma. Thus the stats show Virat Kohli as more consistent and better ODI batsman than Rohit Sharma.

Test cricket is the toughest format and carries the most weightage. In test cricket, Virat has proved himself as one of the best batsmen. He has an excellent average of 53.33 in tests. Whereas, Rohit Sharma is not a well-established player in tests. He has played only 32 matches while Virat has played 86 matches. Recently, Rohit has opened the innings in a test and has scored centuries in both the innings against South Africa. This might be a new start of Rohit's test career. But analyze the best test batsman among them from the current stats will be unfair.

In T20I format, a good strike rate is more important than a good average. The strike rate of Rohit and Virat and nearly the same. But there is a big difference in their averages. Virat's average is 50.8 while Rohit's average is only 32.24. Rohit Sharma has four centuries in T20Is but the poor average shows his inconsistency. And that's why we can say Virat is a better batsman in T20Is also.

In ICC tournaments like World Cup and Champions Trophy, Rohit Sharma raises his game to another level. In World cup 2019, Rohit was unstoppable. He scored five centuries and became the only batsman to score five centuries in a single World cup. He has played two world cup while Virat has played three world cup tournaments. Rohit's average in the world cup is 65.2 and has scored six centuries. While Virat Kohli has an average of 41.75 and has scored only two centuries. Thus, we can say that Rohit Sharma is a much better batsman in the World cup for India than Virat Kohli.

Another important factor in analyzing the players is How they perform in away conditions. It happens with many players that they perform very well at home but their performance goes down at away conditions.

The averages of both these players drop in away conditions but still, Virat Kohli has a brilliant average in all formats. Thus, whether it is home or away, Virat Kohli has an edge over Rohit Sharma.

Thus, we can conclude that on the basis of a good average and consistency Virat is a better batsman than Rohit Sharma in ODI and T20Is. But when it comes to ICC tournaments, Rohit Sharma outperforms Virat Kohli.

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