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Ultimate Tips for Baby Photoshoot Session

Author: Mint and Peach Photography
by Mint and Peach Photography
Posted: Jun 06, 2020
baby photoshoot

Welcoming a new member to your family and life is among the most magnanimous and blissful feelings that any person can have. Having a baby is one of the best and most emotional moments in people’s lives. Since you’re already celebrating having a newborn baby, you must be anticipating a baby photoshoot soon as well.

Having a baby photoshoot session isn’t just about capturing images of your baby, but also about pinning and creating memorable moments and memories, and creating a photoshoot session where everyone’s comfortable, happy, and, most importantly, your baby is safe. While it may sound like an easy task, but baby photoshoot session requires carefulness and vigilance. Here are some great tips, suggested by the expert in baby photography in Mumbai, for baby photoshoot session:

Safety First

Whatever the situation might be, the very first priority when it comes to baby photoshoot is safety of the newborn baby, who’s still soft and fragile. Make sure that the baby is handled with caution and care. Keep in mind that the baby is just born, perhaps a few days of a few weeks ago. Also keep in mind that the baby isn’t fully exposed to the external environment yet, so be extra careful when using photography equipment such as lights, tripods, and on-cameral flashes. An expert in baby photography Mumbai suggests that it is important to be sure not to use any hard object as props.

Keep your baby comfortable

It is surely important to handle the baby with extra care, and at the same time, it is also important to make sure that the baby is positioned in a comfortable position. The photographer for baby photoshoot Mumbai always makes sure that the baby’s posture is comfortable, the place itself is warm/cold (depending on the season), and the surrounding is quiet and peaceful, so that the baby stays calm and happy during the photoshoot session. There are many factors that can make a baby cranky, which could make it really difficult for photographers to take great pictures. Therefore, it’s better if photographers strive taking the picture in a candid manner while the baby is fast asleep.

Capture the newborn’s images during the magical period

The best time to capture your newborn baby’s images is within the very first 15 days of birth – this is the magical period. Usually, during this timeframe, the baby is asleep most of the time which provides the photographer with an upper hand to capture the best possible images of the baby, as they can be easily placed in different positions and environments without much trouble.

Feeding Breaks

Newborn babies can get cranky and fussy when they don’t get to feed in a timely manner. therefore, it is important to have feeding breaks during a baby photoshoot Mumbai session. It would be much helpful if the baby’s feeding is done before the session starts. It would help calm the baby and also make him/her sleep, which would further help the photographer takes photos more easily.

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