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All About Italian Olive Oil

Author: Ranny Watson
by Ranny Watson
Posted: Jun 03, 2020
olive oil

Olive trees are native to the Mediterranean and are the ones that have been used as a food source for centuries. These have been in existence since 6000BC. Olives turned into olive oil as per the archaeological evidence. It was found that oil has been used a lot from Greece to Armenia. Since then, olive oil has been used for cooking in ancient cuisine in various parts of the world. It’s used as a fuel in the oil lamps, medicinal purposes, soap making, and sometimes as a part of religious rituals as well.

However, Italian extra virgin olive oil online is available for you at our online store to make your food delicious. It’s one of the most widely used, delicious, and beneficial oils in Italian cuisine. There are a wide variety of flavors available like De Cecco extra virgin olive oil, italian olive oil, white truffle oil and so on. It means you can find various advantages of olive oil in your daily life and diet.

Benefits of Italian Olive Oil

  • It reduces inflammation that might decrease the risk of breast cancer. It consists of components like lignans and squalene that have possible effects on cancer.

  • Italian olive oil not only makes the food delicious but is also helpful in lowering the total blood cholesterol. It is also helpful in preventing the formation of fatty patches.

  • It’s very easy to reduce the risk of heart diseases with the help of this amazing oil. If you use olive oil regularly in your diet, it will contribute to the lowered risk of osteoporosis and diabetes.

  • How is Italian Olive Oil Produced?

The whole process begins with the harvesting of olive fruit which is crushed into a paste in a press. It is then slowly churned so that the oil droplets are accumulated and collected. Olives must be cold-pressed for the first 12 hours of being picked in order to assure freshness. After the oil extraction, the italian olive oil is subjected to a blind taste in order to determine the grade. There are many grades of olive oil like virgin oil, lampante, refined, crude olive pomace, De Cecco extra virgin olive oil, and so on. You’d be delighted to see that virgin oil encompasses various grades like ordinary virgin, extra-virgin and virgin. These are the ones which are used in cuisine.

How To Choose Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra-virgin olive oil is one of the best grades of olive oil. One of the standards of gauging an extra-virgin olive oil is that it’s flawless and the smell reminds you of olive fruit. It’s not a very difficult standard to achieve because there are many extra-virgin olive oils which are labeled so as to not make the grade. Unlike the other food items like cheese and wine, whenever it comes to olive oil, older becomes better. Olive oil is the prime for the first one year after the harvest and pressing and this should happen immediately after the picking process. You’d be delighted to know that the flavor of premium extra-virgin olive oil is innovative and it’s often used to season rather than the cook. You can always use white truffle oil to add some fun to your recipes.

Mama Mia! Make delicious recipes with Italian olive oil!

Happy Cooking!

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