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The Top 6 Questions to Ask Your Tattoo Artist

Author: Simon Hopes
by Simon Hopes
Posted: Jun 03, 2020
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Getting inked is known for being a huge investment, especially when you are breaking your skin for the very first time. However, the experience does not have to be scary. Just make sure to educate and prepare yourself.

Before the session, you must ask the appointed artist the below-mentioned questions. Some of these are a tad bit sensitive, so, please do remain professional and polite.

Do you have gloves free of latex?

Many people are allergic to latex. Are you one of them? If yes, please ask your artist to put on latex-free gloves. Otherwise, even if he or she performs well, you will end up suffering from adverse reactions. During this time, check if the inks used are safe, or in other words, do not contain any caustic chemical.

Is your shop licensed?

Licensing is of acute significance. Wherever the shop is located, if it is not authorised to carry out tattooing, you must stay away from it under all circumstances. License is another way to ensure that the artist you chose is running a sterile, safe, and professional shop for many years.

Do you offer touch-ups?

Touch-ups are extremely common. No matter how talented an artist is, a tattoo may not turn out as expected. Sometimes the etched design loses its lustre over time. So, you have to go for a revision. It will be nice if the artist who tattooed you in the first place also does the touch-up. Why, you ask? Because he or she knows all your preferences.

Do you have screens or partitions for privacy?

Have you been thinking of getting a tattoo in an intimate body part? If yes, you must opt for studios having screens or partitions. It is another thing if you are comfortable with others eyeing the procedure. Screens and partitions are also considered beneficial because they alleviate the risks of cross-contamination.

When do your needles expire?

Do not believe when your artist says his or her needles are brand-new. Instead, ask him or her to show you the current stock, and check the expiration date with utmost caution. The expired needles may be affordable and seem clean if washed thoroughly, but they increase the chances of infection largely. So, this is something everyone in the vast body art industry must take seriously.

Do you have Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate?

The experts offering tattoo in Phuket Patong beach are known for having a Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate. Thus, they are capable of keeping the germs at bay. To procure the certificate, one has to go through extensive training and learn how to maintain hygiene while etching designs on the skin, or why is it important to maintain hygiene at all.

Procuring answers to the questions stated above will streamline the experience to a great extent. Sign the waiver form, which protects the artist from lawsuits in case of allergies, after much thought.

Ask the one you appointed about aftercare too. If you do not maintain the design by keeping ultraviolet radiation and chlorinated water at bay, it will discolour or fade within a short period.

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