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5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Summer

Author: Tobias H. Gillot
by Tobias H. Gillot
Posted: Jun 18, 2020
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Finally, summer is here and the sun is shining bright. We always make so many plans: go to the beach, visit family, plant a garden, travel and so on. Having this "To Do" list fresh in our minds, we should pursue it but we don't. Most people let the days pass by and realize we aren't achieving our goals. We want to make the most of the season before it's gone. Here are five tips to help you have the best summer.

1. Make a splash

One of my favorite ways to beat the heat is to go swimming. Whether you have a pool or can drive to your local beach or lake, it's the best way to get off dry land. Even if you're not a fan of swimming you could always pull up a chair, bury your feet into the sand and listen to the waves crash. Enjoying the water can be great, but it can also be scary for some, in certain cases. You can ensure everyone's safety by making sure your family members know how to swim, for starters. Bring layers of protection, such as life jackets. Make sure someone knows basic CPR skills and if they don't, make sure someone knows how to call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency. If you have small children and you're planning on staying home to swim this summer, a great way to ensure the safest environment for everyone would be installing a baby pool fence. Having the proper pool safety at home will keep your mind at ease during this season.

2. Spend time with family and friends

Often, life gets in the way of us seeing the people we love the most. Summer is a great time to make memories that'll last a lifetime. The nights are longer, so we have more time to spend outdoors. Arrange a few cookouts to catch up on things and enjoy your surrounding company. With all your family and friends over, you'll want to keep your air conditioner up to date so that it's nice and cool when people are inside your home. Orlando AC repair is the air pros when it comes to air conditioner problems, and offer reliable repair services and great customer service. Everyone visiting will be pleased with how chill it is inside your home after a day in the sun. Stick to your plans so you'll have the coolest summer yet.

3. Rediscover your yard

There is much more to your backyard other than taking the trash out and picking up dog poop. If you have a larger yard, you could start a garden. Imagine having your own homegrown tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and much more. The store's produce just isn't the same as homegrown fruits, veggies, and herbs. If you don't have a green thumb, it's okay. Relaxing or reading a book on the porch might be more your thing. What about camping? Well, if you're still in quarantine like most of us and are looking for a date night, pitching a tent in the backyard could be fun. Set up a tent with your favorite snacks on hand and enjoy the sounds of nature.

4. Spend some time star gazing

Of course, you could stargaze any time of the year — but who wants to do it when it's cold outside? This is a great experience for all ages. You'll need to be somewhere open like the park or a large yard. Try looking for the moon — it's hard to miss when it usually brightens up the night sky. Ask everyone how many stars they see. If you're lucky, you just might catch a shooting star. Live in a big city? No problem, try looking through a telescope to discover stars and planets in the night sky. Keep a diary of what you see to share with friends and family.

5. Make homemade ice cream.

Ice cream really captures the essence of summer, especially when it's blazing outside. Although an ice cream maker will most likely give you the best results, you can do it without one.

This is a simple recipe by Tessa Arias:

  • 2 cups heavy cream, chilled
  • 1 (14oz) can sweeten condensed milk, chilled
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

"In the bowl of an electric mixer, whip the cream until stiff peaks form. On low speed, mix in the condensed milk, vanilla, and any flavorings. Pour into a resealable container, cover the surface with plastic wrap, then seal. Freeze for at least 6 hours, or until firm. Keep stored in the freezer," the recipe states.

Making this homemade ice cream will be your new way to keep cool this summer.

Use this list to help you kick start your bucket list for summer. Remember, no matter what you decide to do, have fun!

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