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How to get views on your first YouTube video

Author: Abdul Rauf Khal'id
by Abdul Rauf Khal'id
Posted: Jun 12, 2020
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YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and the 2nd largest website. Many people around the world use it daily for watching videos on different topics. 1 million videos are watched every day on YouTube and 2 billion people visit monthly. A huge audience from the U.S and other countries watch content on YouTube daily.

Content related to different niches used to share on this platform daily.

If the content you shared is compelling, there are enough chances that the audience will come back to your channel and love to watch the content you share. But the point is how to get the people to pull in, for the first time.

Starting a YouTube Channel

So if you are a beginner, there are some steps to get the views:

  • Concentrate on the content

Make sure to choose a subject, you are expert in. whenever you search for the new trends you will find the videos on music, news, comedy, and cooking, etc. if you share accurate and informative content in your first video, it would be better for the repute of your channel and helps you to gain the organic views.

Editing content, also enhance your experience on YouTube. Software like Audacity and adobe premiere pro is useful to edit videos.

  • Use paid YouTube ads

After starting your YouTube channel, start paid YouTube ads to boost your channel a little bit. In this way, the YouTube algorithm would understand the content present on your channel.

You have to spend some amount at the start; else it will take a considerable amount of time to get a few views on your channel. The value of your channel will be determined by the duration people used to stay watching your content. At the start, it could not get considerable views, YouTube would not determine the value of your channel. In this case, paid YouTube ads would help you buy some views. In this way, your video, after getting more reviews, start showing on the front.

  • Use other sources for traffic

There are many different platforms, talking about the topic you are promoting on your channel. You can use these channels to get traffic. You can use other YouTube channels, Facebook groups, and other social media groups to promote your content.

There are several business websites and blogs to help you promote your content. According to the content you are sharing, there are multiple Facebook groups available. For example, if you are talking about food or health, you will get multiple groups on Facebook where your content could get views. So, each time you publish a new video, use an existing audience to get traffic.

If you spend only an hour posting your video on social media, like Facebook, you will get the required result earlier. From a single post on a Facebook page, you probably will get thousands of views in no time.

  • Launch trailer of your website

You can launch a trailer of your channel, and play it automatically for the audience who yet have not subscribed to your channel. The trailer should be attractive, interesting, and short to grab maximum views and subscribers for your channel.

  • Constantly improve your videos

If you are not getting enough views at the start, never give up but keep improving your content constantly. There may be some points to improve if your videos are not getting popularity. Keep in mind that you are making these videos for your audience, so there taste and choice should be in your mind while making a new video. Keenly observe how people are responding, read their comments.

You can analyze the factors, where the audience stops watching your content, using behavioral analytics. YouTube behavior analytics help you to get insight and matrices and increase the organic views on the channel. Like you buy YouTube views you can also buy YouTube views and get an early success. We can explain you this just with a short detail.

Buying YouTube Views for Early Success

If you just started making videos on YouTube you can buy YouTube views, for your channel. Influencer marketing is the major source of reaching the audience. As they already have a huge size of audience built, when they re-share your content, which reaches to the potential audience. In this way, you can buy views for your YouTube channel.

Many digital marketing agencies also help you to get views on YouTube channels. You can contact an agency for Video SEO, YouTube marketing, and YouTube advertisement and influencer marketing is the services, agencies provide for your YouTube channel.

These agencies use professional strategies to increase the visibility on a search result. You can also get help in creating eye-catching content, and visuals, effective channels. In this way, you can get the help of agencies to buy real YouTube views for your channel.

Some agencies are as follows:

  • Digital marketing agency (DMA)
  • Facto One
  • Passion Digital
  • Techmagnate
  • Barracuda
  • Marketing Hy
  • Simply Ads
  • Utubeo
  • Vireo Video

How much money is a 100k view on YouTube

No doubt YouTube is a great platform to share videos. You can upload as many videos as you can, but quality content is the preference for YouTube and its users. Once you started producing quality content, YouTube will give you more reviews and increase your rank. The chances of earning an increase with the amount of views increase.

The primary approach regarding a successful YouTube channel is to make quality content; promoting your content comes after it. If you are going to take YouTube as your career, make sure to learn the strategies first to make money. Get more YouTube views as many as you could, to earn more money.

YouTube Views calculation

YouTube calculate views to pay money to its YouTubers. Cost per Mille and cost per click on ads methods to pay money. Earning also differs according to location, as developed channels from developed countries earn more than underdeveloped countries.

Views from the U.S, United Kingdom, Canada, and other developed countries pay more. As they are rich countries and advertisers can pay more money against ads. For 1 million views, YouTube pays around $7500.

Some niches having high competition and less audience pay more than the above calculation.

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