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Grid-Tie Solar Power System VS Off-Grid Solar Power System

Author: Maddy Bris
by Maddy Bris
Posted: Jun 11, 2020

Today most of the people are moving towards solar energy to produce energy instead of burning fossil fuel. Many are well known to solar energy but they don’t want to use it because they didn’t know perfectly about the benefits of solar energy in their life. Whether it’s an on-grid or off-grid solar power system, both allow you to save money in the long run. They both repay the initial cost of installing and start to give you benefits.

Many people install solar power systems at home or workplace rooftop because fossil fuels are damaging the environment but still the primary energy source for most of the people around the globe.

If someone wants to reduce the overall cost of the solar power system, it can be installed easily by the set of tools and pieces of equipment on your own.

Off-grid Solar System is the best way of producing energy in the rural and remote areas; on the other hand, On-Grid Solar Panel System is the best way for all kinds of houses that are willing to go solar with the power grid supply for the backup.

Solar energy has the capability to provide energy that can be used to fulfill average house energy requirements. It depends on the user what type of solar power system he used to produce energy, grid-tie solar system, or off-grid solar panel system.

Grid-tie solar power system:

People who are willing to go solar but hesitate to depend fully on the solar, grid-tie solar system is for them. In this type of producing solar energy you can use solar energy in the day timing and in the nights when panels don’t produce energy, your energy source will transfer to the power grid. Those who don’t have the capability to install a large solar panel system can depend on the grid-tie solar power in Brisbane. The main benefit of using a grid-tie solar system is that you can sell back the excess energy produced by the solar arrays to the power supplier and get rebates in electricity bills.

The on-grid or grid-tie solar systems are very cost-effective and it takes less time to install. You can install a grid solar panel system at your residence or at your office and earn a huge amount of income by producing energy and fulfilling your energy needs with solar energy. Excess energy produced by solar panels can be sent back to the power grid, govt. gives a good amount of rebates on it. This process is called net metering.

In an on-grid tie solar system, you don’t have to worry about the sudden power cuts and outages because the system you get in a grid-tie is connected to the power grid.

Businesses & offices can rely on the on-grid solar system to reduce the costs by reducing the dependency on the power grid supply. A business can recover the initial cost of installing solar panels in between three to five years.

Off-grid Solar Power system:

Off-Grid Solar Power System is also known as grid-tie and grid-feed solar power system. Off-Grid Solar panels are commonly used for rural areas where no public grid is available. It is the most powerful and durable solar power system that comes with power backup. Off-Grid Solar panel systems are specially designed so that it generated enough energy to meet the requirements.

It allows you to produce energy for use in day time but also provides the benefit of saving the excess solar energy produced by the solar panels in solar batteries for the time when sunlight doesn’t appear (in nights and cloudy days). Mostly the person who lives in rural areas or in the location where power supply is not available prefers off-grid solar power systems.

Solar inverter and solar batteries are used to transfer and store the excess energy produced. When the sun goes down, your power supply will be automatically shifted to solar batteries.

The off-grid solar power system consists of solar panels to produce energy, a solar inverter to convert the direct current into alternating current and transfers it for use, charge controller to monitor and control the voltages, solar batteries to save the excess energy, a grid box, and a mounting structure and balance of systems. Because of so many types of equipment, it is expensive than the on-grid solar system.

The off-grid solar power system is a self-sustainable system that works independently and reduces the dependency on the power grid.

Sunny Sky Solar offers the best solar power installer in Brisbane and deals in reliable and durable solar products like off-Grid solar power, grid solar power, and hybrid solar power in brisbane that comes with advanced solar panels, solar batteries, and solar inverter.

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I am Maddy Bris CEO and Co-founder of Sunny Sky Solar, an online solar power installer and supplier in Brisbane.

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