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Author: Michale David
by Michale David
Posted: Jun 12, 2020
osrs bone

In this quest guide, we are going to talk about the OSRS Bone voyage quest. The OSRS Bone voyage quest unlocks Fossil Island, which is of archaeological interest to the museum Curator Haig Halen. He needs your help to finish the construction of a barge fit to take the Varrock museum crew to buy runescape 3 gold an unexplored landmass to the east.

There have been many attempts to reach the island, but none were successful. This quest will give you the chance to explore Gielinor, aiding the Varrock museum, and making the success of the voyage a possibility.

Items and Requirements to Complete OSRS Bone Voyage

To prepare for the OSRS Bone voyage quest you need to have 100 Kudos and you have sailed to Great Kourend at least once. Also, you need to complete The Dig Site quest before starting this one.

This is the list of items needed for OSRS Bone voyage quest:

2 bottles of vodka

Marrentill potion

Digsite pendant or 4 Digsite teleport

Skills necklace or Xeric’s talisman

Varrock teleport

Amulet of glory or Explorer’s ring 2

2 Lumberyard teleports to reach the Sawmill north-east of Varrock

Graceful outfit or other weight-reducing clothing

(Super) Energy Potion

Talk to Curator Haig Halen at the Varrock Museum. Ask if he has any interesting news. He will tell you that they have found an interesting island north of Morytania and that they believe it may be of archaeological significance.They are in the process of making the final preparations to sail to the island. Agree to help, and go to Digsite by using Digsite pendant or Digsite teleport. Head to the canal barge north of the Digsite.

There, speak to the barge foreman in front of the barge. They are in the final stages of preparation, but there are a few minor adjustments he’d like to make to the barge before getting the crew ready.He requires a sturdier type of wood to keep the barge afloat. He will require a high-grade wood found only in Western lands, then he will send you to talk to the Sawmill operator at the Sawmill north-west from the barge.

Travel to the Lumber Yard and speak to the Sawmill operator. To obtain redwood planks, he has arranged a fairly generous deal between himself and the sawmill in Great Kourend’s Woodcutting Guild. He will give you a sawmill proposal, which you will have to deliver to the Woodcutting Guild.

Go to the Woodcutting Guild in Hosidius by using your skills necklace, if you don’t have the requirements to enter the Woodcutting guild (level 60 woodcutting and 75% favored in the Hosidius House). Run to the eastern gate, talk to Barry and he will let you in.

If you have the requirements go in and talk to the sawmill operator, if not Barry can look over the document and sign it agreeing to send the red wood planks. Return to the Varrock Sawmill operator with Lumberyard teleports or with Varrock teleport, and give him the sawmill agreement.

Teleport and go to the Rusty Anchor Inn in Port Sarim by using an amulet of glory, Rimmington house teleport, or the Rat Pits Minigame teleport. Talk to Jack Seagull in the Rusty Anchor Inn, and ask him if he has ever made any cursed voyages. flash sale in June is on the way! There will be Total 2000M RS 3 gold and 350M OSRS gold sold with Up to 60% off at 3:00 a.m.GMT on Jun.10, 2020!More Long-Term-Code:RSGACC for you to buy Up to 10% off RS 2007 Account from Anytime!

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